Why We Love the Chinese

Find out what Travel Channel loves about the Chinese in a fun China slideshow.

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Andrew takes a snapshot of locals playing mah-jongg at the Wai Cao Jia Xiang Market in Chengdu. 960 1280


Chicken soup with gingko nuts is always the last course served during a Sichuan meal. This dish helps with digestion after a big dinner. 960 1280


Andrew offers flying rice balls to onlookers in the historic Alley District in Chengdu. 960 1280


Ma po tofu is a famous Sichuan culinary dish. 960 1280


Andrew gives his best kung fu pose with a student at Sichuan Sport Training College. 960 1280


Cameramen Brian Lundy and Adrian Danciu pose at Waterworks in Pixian. 960 1280


A worker at a Chengdu factory holds up tools used to mash peppers into chili paste. 960 1280


Check out this delicious dish: It's pork belly sweetened with sugar and served on glutinous rice. 960 1280


Andrew and kung fu expert Tiger Chen contemplate how they will eat all this food served at Nine Bowls restaurant in Ancient Town. 960 1280


Steamed beef and rice served with kung pao chicken and a side of cabbage with tiny shrimp. 960 1280


Andrew holds up fresh crayfish from the Yangtze River. He heads to Waterworks, just outside of Chengdu, to have it prepared with tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorn. 960 1280


Andrew samples a dish of smoked bacon with pickled preserved vegetables. 960 1280


Andrew and Rose Nickel visit Chengdu's Alley District to share steamed sticky rice balls coated with soybean powder and rolled in honey. 960 1280


Elaborate decoration seen along a street in preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration Singapore's Chinatown neighborhood. 960 1280

REUTERS/May Naji  

Divers perform a dragon dance during an event to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year at an aquarium in Beijing. The Lunar New Year begins on February 10 and marks the start of the Year of the Snake, according to the Chinese zodiac. 960 1280

REUTERS/China Daily  

A girl holding red lanterns used for decoration runs in a park ahead of Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in Beijing. 960 1280


Participants dressed in festive regalia take part in the annual Chinese New Year parade in Washington, DC's Chinatown neighborhood. 960 1280

Getty Images/Alex Wong  

Members of a dragon team perform during the Chinese New Year festival and parade in San Francisco. The city's Chinese New Year parade is the largest of its kind in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators. 960 1280

Getty Images/Justin Sullivan  

A woman rides a float decorated with brightly colored lanterns during the Chinese New Year festival and parade in San Francisco. 960 1280

Getty Images/Justin Sullivan  

Children practice drumming before the start of the Chinese New Year festival in San Francisco. 960 1280

Getty Images/Justin Sullivan  

People offer prayers to the deities during a midnight ceremony in Chinatown at the Chua Thien Hau Temple in LA. Every year in the Chinese lunar calendar is associated with an animal, and positive characteristics associated with that animal are believed to be bestowed upon people born in that year. 960 1280

Getty Images/David McNew  

"Wow, that’s amazing." Chinese ethnic dancers react backstage as they watch a performance during the Chinese New Year in Bangkok. 960 1280


People place gifts and money in the mouth of a dancing dragon during the Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade in NYC. 960 1280

Getty Images/Chris McGrath  

Parade participants prepare to march in the Chinese New Year Golden Dragon Parade in the Chinatown neighborhood of LA. 960 1280

Getty Images/J. Emilio Flores  

Artists and dancers take part in Chinese New Year celebrations in Plaza de Oriente, opposite the Royal Palace in Madrid. 960 1280

Getty Images/Raul Urbina  

Young performers have fun and pose for the camera before the start of the Chinese New Year Twilight Parade in Sydney. 960 1280

Getty Images/Lisa Maree Williams  

Gearing up. Chinese girls practice before a performance during Chinese New Year celebrations in the Chinatown neighborhood in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 960 1280


Show time! A crowd watches a lion dance performance during Chinese New Year celebrations in NYC's Chinatown district. 960 1280


Performers reenact an ancient Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) ceremony in which emperors prayed for good fortune and harvest. The ceremony is part of an annual Chinese New Year celebration at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. 960 1280

Reuters/Jason Lee  

Participants perform a dragon dance during a Chinese New Year celebration in Vina del Mar, Chile, about 75 miles northwest of the capital city of Santiago. 960 1280


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