World Heritage-Worthy Sites

Every year, places worldwide are named to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. But which places are overlooked? Our Twitter community weighs in.

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"Surprised not to see Rocky Mountain National Park (in the US) on this list." - middleseatview

"I nominate Torres Del Paine in Chile. Huge oversight. Thanks!" - @careerbrksecret

"My vote for top world heritage site is Angkor -- been on the list since 1992." - @affinitytours

"The whole of the Antarctic." - MalloryOnTravel

"I probably would nominate somewhere in Slovenia perhaps Bohinj or Bled, definitely beautiful enough to be a heritage site." - journeytom

"Botswana's Okavango Delta -- the largest inland river delta in the world!" - FunJoel

"Table Mountain in Cape Town for sure! #ttot" - leecraig86

"Nominations for new world Heritage site: Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru. #ttot" - inediazg

"Top Heritage Sites: 1-@BarkervilleBC, 2-Fort St James, 3-Craigdarroch Castle (seen here) #TTOT" - @tourismpg

"English beauty at its best! Isle of Purbeck for the World Heritage List!" - LewisLCHOLIDAYS

"Favorite World Heritage Site has to be Luxembourg's old city and fortifications #ttot." - misscarolinem

"Route 66 should be a heritage site. It played a huge part in American automotive history." - BryanCSnider

"Easy - Taroko Gorge in Taiwan." - poohstraveler

"Nomination for a natural World Heritage site -- the Catlins, NZ #TTOT" - christinahegele

"El Valle de la Luna (Moon's Valley) in La Paz, Bolivia" - aysproject

"The whole of Yangshou ... the limestone karst give Halong Bay a run for their money any day!" -kpouwer

"I nominate Eze, France (or at least Le Jardin D'eze) as a new World Heritage Site. It's one of the most gorgeous places ever. #ttot" - lazytravelers