Best Sand Sculpting Competitions

Get an up-close look at the best sand sculpting competitions around the world.
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Photo By: Virginia Beach Neptune Festival

Photo By: The Concours de Chateaux de Sable

Photo By: The Clamshell Foundation

Photo By: John Kane

Photo By: Brett Alan Photography

Photo By: AIA Houston

Photo By: Nebraska Children's Home Society

Photo By: Phil Whitehouse through Flickr Creative Commons

Photo By: Craig Carmichael

Photo By: Convention and Visitors Bureau of South Padre

2011 North American Sandsculpting Championship is the signature event of the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival. In 2011, a huge tent almost as large as a football field housed 22 sculptures.

At the Concours de Chateaux de Sable participants can register for Family, Adult-Competition, Free Style or Business Challenge, but the rules are the same: Castles must be built solely of sand and water.

At the East Hampton SandCastle Contest not only can you see stunning sculptures but you also can support a good cause, the Clamshell Foundation.

Spectators of the Master Sand Sculpting Competition in Hampton Beach are limited to day-time visits, the 300 tons of imported sand is lit up for night viewing each year.

Professional sand sculptures vie for the Master's title at the U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition, but amateurs can get in on the fun with street festival and other weekend activities.

It's written in the sand ' but the AIA Sandcastle competition is actually in Houston, not Venice Beach.

Nebraska Children's Home Society

A detailed shot of some of the corporate sponsors at the Canada Open Sand Sculpting Competition.

Each year the Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition is held in Parksville, BC.

Sand Castle Days is one of South Padre Island's signature events now in its 24th year.

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