11 Dazzling Fall Foliage Photos

New England fall foliage photographer and sage Jeff "Foliage" Folger shares his favorite spots to capture Mother Nature’s spectacular autumn show.
By: Jeff "Foliage" Folger
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Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Photo By: Jeff Folger

Henniker Covered Bridge, N.H.

In Henniker, NH, you’ll find this covered bridge on Bridge Street (Route 114). The secret to getting this shot? Go to the stone bridge outside the New England College campus, carefully climb down the big boulders and look under the bridge!

Old Dana Road, Massachusetts

In central Massachusetts, the peak times for fall foliage are usually around mid-October. Around this time, you’ll find gorgeous fall foliage on the outskirts of the Quabbin Reservoir. I was staying at Hartman's Herb Farm Bed & Breakfast and was traveling down Old Dana Road when I captured the sun lighting up this maple tree.

Milan Hill State Park, N.H.

Travel up Route 16 past Mount Washington and Pinkham Notch and you'll find yourself in Milan, NH. Look for signs for Milan Hill State Park and while the road to the top is a dirt one, the average car has no problem getting there. Once at the top of the road, climb to the fire tower, catch your breath and then pick up your jaw which will be hanging wide open because of the view.

Mount Chocorua, N.H.

As you drive along Route 16 through Tamworth, NH, south of Conway, plan to stop at Lake Chocorua early in the morning. This is the best spot to view the surrounding fall foliage and the mountain peeking above the morning fog bank on the lake.

Saint John’s Church, N.H.

The picturesque St. John's Church can be found on Route 2 between Lancaster and Gorham, N.H., on the corner of Black Velvet Road. There is also another small church nearby and a stone tower right near the road  -- perfect for photo ops.

Peabody, Massachusetts

Down in my neck of the woods near Salem, Massachusetts, we have a short scenic byway located between Salem and Peabody. The fall foliage usually peaks the second week in October around here. I always love to find fall foliage peaking close to home -- that way I can spend more time taking photos versus driving all day.

Jenne Farm, Reading, Vermont

The Jenne Farm in Reading is one of my favorite classic fall foliage scenes in Vermont. Make sure you visit the large maple tree on the farm and put in a donation to help the owners keep the farm running. You can purchase Vermont-made maple syrup and other products on their front porch.

Birch Pond Saugus, Massachusetts

Between Lynn and Saugus, Massachusetts, lies the breathtaking Birch Pond. I'm standing on the edge of a busy road and I wonder if those going to and from work notice the beauty.

Back Roads, Vermont

Traveling the back roads of Vermont is where the prettiest landscape scenery can be found.

Danby, Vermont

This photograph was taken early to mid-October in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I drove down Route 7 to Danby looking for a particular farm and spotted these white horses grazing, not even noticing all the incredible fall colors running up the sides of the mountains.

Green Mountains, Vermont

My wife and I visited the foothills of Vermont's Green Mountains. We were on the eastern side in the late afternoon looking for long dirt roads lined with lots of mature maple trees. While we found that, I stumbled upon this small shed sitting in the field with views of the mountains in the distance.

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