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Charleston's Late-Night Eats

Walk around Charleston's vibrant city, late-at-night, for some quick bites, locally crafted beer and more.

Japanese Hangover Cure: Shijimi Miso Soup

After a night spent drinking bottles at an izakaya, soothe your morning hangover with shijimi.

Austrian Hangover Cure: Goulash Soup

This hearty meat soup is not a morning-after hangover cure. Instead, grab a bowl before heading to bed after a night of drinking.

Spanish Hangover Cure: Pincho de Tortilla

To help cure a sangria-induced hangover, make some pincho de tortilla, a tapa dish similar to a frittata.

Mongolian Hangover Cure: Bantan Soup

Try this Mongolian hangover cure: bantan, a soup made of meat and dough crumbs.

Peruvian Hangover Cure: Ceviche

The idea of a raw fish as a hangover cure isn’t nearly as scary as a pisco-induced hangover.

Turkish Hangover Cure: Iskembe Corbasi

Iskembe corbasi, or tripe soup, is a traditional Turkish hangover cure — perfect for nights spent indulging in too much raki.

5 Incredible Hotel Culinary Experiences

Some hotels offer food-focused adventures to truffle hunt, fish, harvest ingredients and more with famous chefs. Find out which culinary experiences made our Top 5 list.

Pairing Great Beer With Delicious Cheese

Ross Wrangham, from Formaggio Kitchen in Boston, provides advice on pairing beer and cheese together.

Top 10 Beer and Cheese Pairings Only in America

Top 10 beer and cheese pairings that are perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest, marking the return of the football season or satisfying creamy and hard cheese textures with a crafty cold one.

America's Best Craft Breweries

Take a spirited journey across America to discover some of the nation's best craft breweries.

Best Summer Foods 2014 Advisors

Meet the panel of advisors behind Travel’s Best Summer Foods 2014. Our advisors have traveled the nation, and along the way, sampled some of the best cuisine our nation has to offer.

George Motz's Hot Sauce Recipes

Foodie George Motz shares his favorite recipes for hot sauce.

São Paulo’s Sexy Nightlife

Put on your best walking or dancin' shoes! We're about to take you on a exclusive bar-hopping tour of some of the hottest bars and clubs in São Paulo.

Ski Towns for Foodies

Check out these 3 resort towns that are serving up sustainable eats and local spirits whose quality rises far above your typical ski-lodge and bar-food fare.

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