Food Paradise

Dig into Travel Channel's picks for some of the best eating and drinking around with our Food Paradise galleries. Hungry for more? See more of our favorites in Food and Drink.

1. Food Paradise: Truck Stops

Berky's, Lexington, VA
From a rib-sticking 16-oz. steak in Virginia to a finger-lickin' deep-fried pork sandwich in Iowa, fuel up at the heartiest truck stop grub shops nationwide.

2. Food Paradise: Fried Chicken

Dinah's Family Restaurant, Los Angeles
Sample fiery Memphis hot chicken, a wild red-velvet-battered bird and more while indulging in a bucketful of crispy, finger lickin', fried chicken goodness!

3. Food Paradise: Soul Food

Mary Mac's Tea Room, Atlanta, GA
From the rib-sticking, gravy-smothered oxtails in Houston to crispy fried catfish in Memphis, Travel Channel is dishing out comfort food that's good for the belly and the soul.

4. Food Paradise: Deep-Fried 3

Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA
From a gut-busting double bacon corn dog in Iowa to a lip-smackin' fried hamburger in California, load up on crunchy, deep-fried deliciousness.

5. Food Paradise: Manliest Restaurants 2

Snake River Brewing Company, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
From a wild steakhouse in Texas to butcher-fresh burgers in Chicago and a towering Manhattan mountain of meat, enjoy America's manliest places to get your grub on.

6. Food Paradise: Steak 3

St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis
From a titanic 2 1/2-lbs. porterhouse in Mississippi to a premium dry-aged rib-eye masterpiece in New York City, get ready for plate after plate of Americas best beefy steaks.

7. Food Paradise: Pot Pies

ot Pie Paradise and Deli in Hayward, CA
From a chock-full-of-chicken pie on Cape Cod and a manly Aussie meat pie in Georgia to a rib-sticking steak pie in Chicago, get a hearty helping of these comfort foods.

8. Food Paradise: Pork

Ox Yoke Inn, Amana, IA
From a good ole Virginia country ham to a crispy tenderloin sandwich in Indiana, pig out on America's most porktastic eats.

9. Food Paradise: Drive-Thrus

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, Chapel Hill, NC
Buckle up for the hottest places for grub-to-go, from belly-busting burritos in San Diego to a beastly burger piled high with pastrami in Las Vegas.

10. Food Paradise: Hot Dogs 2

Newest Lunch, Schenectady, NY
From a chili-dog feud in Detroit to the deep-fried Home Wrecker in West Virginia, dig into this super-sized serving of the country's hottest dogs.

11. Food Paradise: Pizza 2

Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs, CO
From the crispy New York classic to Chicago's deepest most delicious dish, Travel Channel is serving up slice after slice of pizza perfection.

12. Food Paradise: Meatloaf

The Meatloaf Bakery
Ah, meatloaf. Doesnt it bring back childhood memories of the go-to meal of the week? Check out some of the best dishes and restaurants that serve this iconic staple of the dinner table.

13. Food Paradise: Cookies

chocolate chip cookies
Getty Images
Chocolate chip, sugar and shortbread -- oh my -- so many cookies, not enough time. See Travel Channels picks for some of the best cookie places around.

14. Food Paradise: Burgers

Dig into our Food Paradise: Burgers slideshow. See mouthwatering photos of wild game burgers, salmon, turkey and of course the all-American favorite bacon cheeseburger.

15. Food Paradise: All You Can Eat

Fill up at these tasty all you can eat restaurants.

16. Food Paradise: Best Buns

Sticky buns, juicy cheeseburgers, creamy lobster rolls, Italian subs and more. We're featuring the most delicious and mouthwatering food products stuck between 2 buns.

17. Food Paradise: Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream
Ice cream. A wonderful treat on a hot day, cold day and anytime in-between. See Travel Channel's picks for some of the most delicious ice cream combinations.

18. Food Paradise: Diners

French Toast
All the best food you remember from your favorite greasy spoon.

19. Food Paradise: Tailgating

College Football season equals Tailgate time. See our favorite pictures of tailgating food glory from Tailgate Paradise.

20. Food Paradise: Hot & Spicy

Crosstown Pub & Grill’s hot sauce
Get Travel Channel's restaurant picks for hot and spicy cuisine across America.

21. Food Paradise: Soups & Stews

black bean soup
Getty Images
Get Travel's picks for the best soups and stews around including black bean soup, New England Clam Chowder, Ben's famous chili and more.

22. Food Paradise: Ballparks

From the iconic ballpark staples to new mouthwatering games. This is Food Paradise: Ballpark.

23. Food Paradise: Frozen Drinks

Pina Colada
Dog days of summer got you down? Try a pina colada, frozen margarita, daiquiri, or another one of these delicious frozen drinks, brought to you by Travel Channel.

24. Food Paradise: Manliest Restaurants

Jethro's BBQ
Visit these manly restaurants for the next guys outing to get hefty portions of crispy, juicy fried chicken, steaks and 5-pound sandwichs.

25. Food Paradise: Barbecue

Barbecue can be served many different ways, such as cooked on a grill or smothered in barbecue sauce. Here are our picks for some of the best barbecue -- smothered or grilled.

26. Food Paradise: Subs, Grinders & Hoagies

hot meatball sub with marinara sauce
Subs, grinders and hoagies -- depending on what region of the US you live in, these are 3 of 13 possible names for this sandwich served hot or cold, on Italian or French bread. Dig in!

27. Big Beef Paradise

Americans love beef, and sometimes, bigger is better. Big Beef Paradise travels across the country in search of the largest, juiciest and most succulent slabs of meat fit for the Flintstones.

28. Food Paradise: London

From London's hip culinary neighborhoods to the best place to have high tea, we bring you the not-to-be-missed British fare locals love.

29. Food Paradise: Sausage

Gene's Sausage Shop, Chicago
Bite into the best bratwurst, bangers, sausage patties and links across America, including rattlesnake tube steak in SoCal, long smokies in Texas and a heaping helping of Germany -- in Milwaukee.

30. Food Paradise: Cheese

The Melt Bar and Grilled, Cleveland, OH]
From Cleveland's colossal triple-decker grilled cheese sandwich, to a luscious lobster-stuffed mac and cheese in New York, were serving up mounds of ooey-gooey, cheesy goodness.

31. Food Paradise: Delis

Canter's Deli, Los Angeles
From primo pastrami in New York City and a boisterous brisket sandwich in Michigan, these food joints serve up dish after dish of deli delights.

32. Food Paradise: Sandwiches 2

Jimmy & Drew's, Boulder, Colorado
From a latke-and-corned-beef masterpiece in Colorado to a big hunk of BBQ bologna in Tennessee, get a taste of Americas top hunger-filling, handheld feasts.

33. Food Paradise: Mexican Food

El Indio, San Diego, CA
From sizzling, juicy fajitas in Texas, to spicy, belly-warming tamales in San Diego and piping-hot chimichangas in Arizona, Travel Channel is serving up a mouthwatering fiesta of flavors.

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