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"For centuries, the smell, taste and appearance of food has been touted as passion-producing," says Sari Greaves, RD, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Here at Travel Channel, we thought we'd have a little fun with this. First up? Pomegranates also known as "love apples." (Source: WebMD) 960 1280


Many people believe that artichokes ramp up sexual desire and increase sperm count. (Source: WebMD) 960 1280


"Cocoa beans contain phenylethamine, a compound that triggers the release of endorphins, compounds associated with pleasure," according to Elizabeth M. Ward, MS, RD ( Cocoa powder processed without alkaline provides the biggest bang for the buck and dark chocolate has the most cocoa powder. (Source: WebMD) 960 1280


Oysters contain high amounts of dopamine and zinc, 2 ingredients that increase sexual desire. (Source: WebMD) 960 1280


There is something to be said for warm honey drizzled on a toasted French baguette (or anywhere else you'd like to drizzle it). 960 1280

Sherstobitov Alexander  

Rumor has it, just uttering the word "truffle" has been known to send feelings of passion to both males and females. 960 1280

Kelly Cline  

It's believed that avocado's aphrodisiacal quality stems from its appearance and not its taste. 960 1280


In olden times, a bride was given 3 courses of vegetables, including asparagus, the night before her wedding. 960 1280


This aphrodisiac probably needs no explanation. Good wine and good company is generally the only ingredients you need for a romantic evening. 960 1280


Last but not least, strawberries are said to be a symbol of passion, loaded with vitamin C to fight impotency. They're also especially wonderful dipped in chocolate! 960 1280


New York City's Grimaldi's Pizzeria uses fresh ingredients, handmade mozzarella, a secret recipe sauce and hand-tossed dough make-up their award-winning pizza. Over 75 years ago all pizzerias cooked with coal because it gave the pizza a unique, smoky flavor and a crisp crust that is just not possible from gas, convection or wood ovens. Grimadli's is proud to use a coal-fired brick oven to this day. 960 1280

Grimaldi's Pizzeria  

The cooks at Grimaldi's are busy preparing hundreds of pizzas per day to their customers. 960 1280

Grimaldi's Pizzeria  

One last look at Grimaldi's hot and cheesy pizza. Mmm. 960 1280


An assortment of 3 delicious New York-style pizzas. 960 1280

Juanmonino/ iStockphoto  

New Yorkers Antonio Pero (left) and Gennaro Lombardi in front of the original Lombardi's in 1905. Pero worked and trained with Lombardi and then opened his own place on Coney Island called Totonno's. 960 1280

Lombardi's Restaurant  

Lombardi's pizza is made in a brick oven. According to Lombardi's and alleged documented history on the pizzeria, Lombardi's was the first American pizzeria. Pizza didn't gain its popularity until after World War II, but Lombardi's began selling pizza in New York City in 1905. 960 1280

Lombardi's Restaurant  

Lou got his start at Pizzeria UNO and is credited with creating the recipe for the first deep-dish pizza. But in 1971 he created a new recipe and ventured out on his own when he and his wife, Jean, opened the first Lou Malnati's in Lincolnwood, a suburb of Chicago. 960 1280

Malnati Organization, Inc.  

The secret recipe for the flaky, buttery crust is unmatched in flavor and taste. The tomato sauce is so crucial to the making of a great Lou Malnati's pizza that each year a team from Malnati's visits California and meets personally with the tomato growers. The finest vine ripened plum tomatoes are then blended and canned exclusively for Lou Malnati's use. 960 1280

Malnati Organization, Inc.  

Lou Malnati's has grown to 32 locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Malnati's also ships their famous deep-dish pizza nationwide through their website at 960 1280

Malnati Organization, Inc.  

Chicago's Giordanos is the original home of the 4 1/2 pound stuffed pizza pie. Unlike traditional pizza, Giordanos mozzarella cheese is baked in as the first layer and tomato sauce is the topping. 960 1280


A delicious and cheesy stuffed pizza with sausage and cheese at Nancy's Pizza in Chicago. 960 1280

Paul Howey/Nancy's Pizza  

This tomato and cheese pizza pie belongs to Chicago's Gino's East pizza, which opened in 1966. 960 1280

Gino's East Restaurant  

Gino's East current location on Superior Street in Chicago. 960 1280

Gino's East Restaurant  

Gino's East is also known for their graffiti covered walls, decorated by their loyal patrons. 960 1280

Gino's East Restaurant  

Another delicious selection of deep-dish pizza in Chicago is with Pizzeria Uno. 960 1280

Pizzeria Uno  

In 1943, when Ike Sewell opened a restaurant at the corner of Ohio Street and Wabash Avenue in Chicago, Americans ate pizza primarily as a snack. Ike figured that if you combined some of Italy's old, authentic recipes with impressive quantities of the finest meats, fresh cheeses, ripe vegetables and flavorful spices, pizza would become a hearty meal. 960 1280

Pizzeria Uno  

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Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore, MD, is home to the Baltimore Bomber Pie that includes a Burger Cookie (shortbread with a thick fudge over it). According to the owner it's 'killer.' 960 1280


Another favorite from Dangerously Delicious is the Mob Town Brown Pie, named after Baltimore's nickname in the `50s and `60s ' Mob Town. The pie is loaded with pecans, eggs, vanilla, sugar, melted butter and corn syrup. 960 1280


House of Pies in Los Angeles, CA, is a retro, family-owned restaurant known for visits from the occasional actor, screenwriter and plenty of pie-lovers. 960 1280


A House of Pies favorite, the Banana Cream Pie. 960 1280


Another House of Pies goodie, the Fresh Peach Pie. No fresh peaches, no pie for you. 960 1280


House of Pies' top seller, The Fresh Strawberry Pie, consists of custard cream, topped with fresh strawberries and coated with a strawberry glaze. 960 1280


The official dessert of the Conch Republic is Key Lime Pie and at Kermit's Key West Key Lime Pie Shop, they sell the best pies in town. 960 1280


Don't miss Kermit's double-dipped chocolate Key Lime Pie. 960 1280


Located in Kimmswick, MO, The Blue Owl is home to the Levee High Apple Pie. The pie was named after the 1993 flood where the levee bags kept the Mississippi River from destroying the town of Kimmswick. 960 1280


The Levee High Apple Pie is packed with a bucket full of apple slices, covered with pastry and coated with a nutty caramel sauce. Yum! 960 1280


At Mom's Pie House in Julian, CA, visitors come from near and far to choose from 20 different varieties of pie, but their best seller is still the fresh apple pie. 960 1280


Mom's Apple Pie comes with 20 different toppings: crumb top made with butter, flour and sugar or the original flaky top. 960 1280


Since 1941, Dooky Chase's in New Orleans, LA, has served Sweet Potato Pie to actors, presidents, tourists and locals. 960 1280


All hands on deck. Spoon or fork is not required for these pies. In New York City's East Village the Tuck Shop brings the traditional Australian beef pie to the States, offering everything from beef pie, vegetable pie and a Guinness, steak and mushroom pie. 960 1280


What's not to love? Another favorite at the Tuck Stop: the mac and cheese pie. 960 1280


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