Feed the Beast: Los Angeles Pictures

After traveling the country in search of the best late-night eating experience, Mikey makes it to his hometown of Los Angeles, where he hunts down spicy wings, gooey pizza and elaborate burgers.

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Mrs. McMullen’s Appleberry Pie
Mrs. McMullen’s Appleberry Pie

Mrs. McMullen’s Appleberry Pie

Raise your spirits this Thanksgiving with Mrs. McMullen's Appleberry Pie. We’d happily trade canned cranberry sauce for this cocktail combination of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. 960 1280


Frozen Mint Julep

Frozen Mint Julep

Start the summer off with a bang this Memorial Day by toasting with Frozen Mint Juleps. For non-southerners, this twist on the Kentucky Derby delight may make the bourbon more palatable -- and refreshing. 960 1280


Liam’s Midnight Toast

Liam’s Midnight Toast

Ring in the New Year (or Christmas -- it’s festive) with a classy, champagne cocktail like Liam's Midnight Toast. Garnish with an orange slice, and leave the speeches to your guests! 960 1280


Black Devil Martini

Black Devil Martini

For your adults-only Halloween party, serve this Black Devil Martini. This spooky spirit gets its color from dark rum, course orange sugar and a black olive garnish. 960 1280


Autumn Colors Cocktail

Autumn Colors Cocktail

The name says it all. This crisp, sweet-tea-vodka mixture is pretty enough for the Thanksgiving table thanks to pomegranate liqueur and orange zest. 960 1280


Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum

Warm your belly during the holidays with beloved Hot Buttered Rum. This classic mixed drink containing rum, caramelized brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg is perfect for enjoying fireside. 960 1280


Clarence’s Cranberry Toddy

Clarence’s Cranberry Toddy

It’s a wonderful life! We think right after Clarence, George Bailey’s guardian angel, finally got his wings he reached for this hot, cranberry concoction. 960 1280


Santa’s Pumpkin Pie Martini

Santa’s Pumpkin Pie Martini

One part Thanksgiving, 2 parts Christmas, we bet the big guy in red loves Santa's Pumpkin Pie Martini -- we do, too! 960 1280


Cocoa Raspberry Heaven

Cocoa Raspberry Heaven

Paradise is found with a sip of this raspberry-infused, hot-chocolate cocktail, some people might say. Top the whipped cream with a drizzle of Chambord and a fresh raspberry. 960 1280


Flavored with spices and warmed to perfection, a glass of mulled wine soothes the spirit. 960 1280


It's everyone's favorite spicy brunch cocktail, the Bloody Mary. 960 1280


Grab your beach blanket and bathing suit and hit the sand ' it's frozen daiquiri time. 960 1280


Not just for the Kentucky Derby, the Mint Julep is always a refreshing treat. 960 1280


Believed to have been invented in Puerto Rico, a Piña Colada hits the spot no matter where you drink it. 960 1280


Once considered an old-fashioned cocktail, the gimlet is gaining in popularity across America. 960 1280


Long a favorite in Spain, a fruity glass of sangria is the perfect summer cocktail. 960 1280


All you really need are tequila, triple sec and lime if you want to visit Margaritaville. 960 1280



10 Photos

With options that include a Fish & Grapes taco, Komodo is not your typical taco truck. 960 1280

Roger Wilson / News Press  

The Dim Sum Truck carts tasty Chinese snacks around Los Angeles. 960 1280

Eddie Lin from Deep End Dining   

The Slice Truck is LA's roving pizza mobile that serves individual slices and whole pies. 960 1280


Expand your culinary horizons with some South Indian street food from the DOSAtruck. 960 1280

Angela María Ortíz S.  

Don Chow serves fusion tacos blending the best of Chinese and Mexican fare. 960 1280

Gavin Miyasaki, www.socalshutterbug.com  

The Nom Nom Truck brings a taste of Vietnam to West Angeles with its signature 'Banh Mi' sandwich. 960 1280


Coolhaus is a converted postal van that serves up ice-cream nirvana. 960 1280


Start your day off right at the Buttermilk Truck, which serves breakfast goodies including fluffy buttermilk pancake bites 960 1280


French fries rise from the ranks of side dish to become the main course on the Frysmith truck. 960 1280


You won't know you're craving a Korean Mexican taco until you taste the goodness of spicy pork tacos from Kogi Truck. 960 1280

photo by Eric Shin  

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