Food Paradise: Diners

All the best food you remember from your favorite greasy spoon.

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The Bizarre Foods production crew grabs a few shots outside John's Roast Pork in South Philadelphia. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern points out a personal favorite at Chocolate by Mueller in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market. 960 1280


Andrew demonstrates the proper way to hold a 40-lb. snapping turtle in Mountain Top, PA. 960 1280


The crew films Philly's skyline from the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts -- made famous in the movie Rocky. 960 1280


Andrew tastes bigos -- a traditional Polish stew -- at Czerw's Kielbasy in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. 960 1280


Andrew pulls a rack of sausage links out of the old-school smokehouse at Czerw's Kielbasy. 960 1280


Chef Masaharu Morimoto shows Andrew how to prepare a signature dish at Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern and John Bucci, owner of John's Roast Pork, share a cheesesteak in South Philly. 960 1280


Cameraman Adrian Danciu films 4 snarling, snapping turtles near the small town of Mountain Top, PA. 960 1280


Cameraman Adrian Danciu gets an establishing shot of Philadelphia's Italian Market. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern and Delmar Anthony prepare a pot of snapping-turtle soup by carving up meat in Drums, PA. 960 1280


Andrew and the crew watch snapper expert Delmar Anthony artfully prepare a dish using snapping turtle. 960 1280


In White Haven, PA, Andrew adds a key ingredient -- a pig's head -- to a boiling cauldron of scrapple, a loaf made of cornmeal and pig scraps. 960 1280


A cameraman films Andrew Zimmern near the Chicago River. On this trip to the Windy City, Andrew discovers some of the best food in the world. 960 1280


Andrew visits George's Kabab Grill in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood. Andrew eats pacha, an Iraqi stew made with lamb-stomach dumplings, lamb trotters, stewed head and dried mint. 960 1280


A butcher prepares several hogs each day to stock the deli counter at Gene's Sausage on Belmont Avenue. 960 1280


Andrew stops at Rick Bayless' XOCO, a quick-service restaurant inspired by the Mexican street-food scene. 960 1280


Ruby's Fast Food has a variety of tasty Filipino delicacies on their menu. 960 1280


Take a look at Franks 'N' Dawgs' tur-dawgen, a turkey and date sausage topped with crispy duck confit, herb garlic aioli, house-pickled onion relish and pickled carrot. 960 1280


At George's Kabab Grill, Masma Jajou shows Andrew how to make lamb-stomach dumplings, a key ingredient in pacha. 960 1280


This boiled pig head is made into head cheese at Chicago's Mado Restaurant. 960 1280


Andrew samples this delicious cheddar risotto bratwurst with beer-braised onions and cheese snack crackers. 960 1280


Take a look at Alinea Restaurant's famous sardine antenna made with country bread, yellow tomato, sardine poached in olive oil and aromatics, horseradish, red chili flakes, fried caper, and arugula flower. 960 1280


Andrew and Rick Bayless try mango chili and guava ice cream at Maxwell Street Market. 960 1280


Graham Elliot's foielipops are made with foie mousse, fleur de sel and strawberry pop rocks. 960 1280


The Bizarre Foods production crew films at Graham Elliot's restaurant, where having fun while creating whimsical dishes is required. 960 1280


Visit Alinea Restaurant to pick up this unique dish. It's English pea paired with iberico ham, burrata cheese, honeydew melon and sherry wine. 960 1280


Be sure to try the stewed goat at XOCO in Chicago. 960 1280



Berky’s Restaurant at Lee Hi Travel Plaza

Berky’s Restaurant at Lee Hi Travel Plaza

All day every day, Berky’s in Lexington, VA, dishes out simple, delicious American fare. 960 1280


Berky’s Restaurant at Lee Hi Travel Plaza

Berky’s Restaurant at Lee Hi Travel Plaza

For those looking for a bit more meat in their meal, try Berky’s signature “King of the Road,” a 1-pound chopped steak covered in fried onions and homemade brown gravy. 960 1280


Berky’s Restaurant at Lee Hi Travel Plaza

Berky’s Restaurant at Lee Hi Travel Plaza

If the "King of the Road" doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out the other hearty, homemade meals on their menu. 960 1280


Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

Dysart’s in Bangor, ME, has been serving all-American comfort food to hungry truckers, lumberjacks and locals for generations. 960 1280


Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

Anyone who’s been to Dysart’s knows you have to save room for their blueberry pie! 960 1280


Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

In northern New England, hungry truckers pull into the world famous Dysart’s Truck Stop day and night because they know that this is the place that puts the “Yankee” into pot roast! 960 1280


R Place Restaurant

R Place Restaurant

When a driver finds a truck stop’s parking lot packed in the middle of the afternoon, he knows they’ve either got cheap gas, great food or both, and at R Place in Morris, IL, they’ll fill your tank not only with diesel, but with belly-busting burgers. 960 1280


R Place Restaurant

R Place Restaurant

R Place’s ginormous bakery is known for its homemade bread, handcrafted cakes and their famous German cream horns. 960 1280


R Place Restaurant

R Place Restaurant

It might be tempting to ogle the plethora of pastries, but don't spoil your dinner -- the menu at R Place boasts a huge variety of classic American fare! 960 1280


Tiger Truck Stop

Tiger Truck Stop

In Grosse Tete, LA, just 20 miles west of Baton Rouge, truckers know they can get some of the Bayou’s best homemade classics when they spot the Tiger Truck Stop. 960 1280


Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

After a long day on the road, nothing fills a trucker’s tank like a buffet full of home-cooked comfort food from Iowa 80 Truck Stop in Walcott. 960 1280


Gramma's Kitchen

Gramma's Kitchen

Many who fuel up at Iowa 80 head to Gramma’s Kitchen across the street for a taste of Iowa’s unofficial state dish – the deep-fried pork tenderloin sandwich. Gramma’s has one of the best around. 960 1280


Gramma's Kitchen

Gramma's Kitchen

Real meat-and-potatoes meals and superb service make this one of the rare restaurants that truckers and travelers will go out their way for on every trip. 960 1280


Billy Bob's Texas Truck Stop

Billy Bob's Texas Truck Stop

The mega-roadhouse known as Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth spans over 127,000 square feet. 960 1280


For over 90 years, The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs has been exuding culinary opulence with their Sunday brunches. 960 1280


It takes the Broadmoor chefs a week to create the Sunday feast, which features homemade sausages and chocolate filigrees. 960 1280


Las Vegas is the pleasure capital of the world, and the buffets served in hotels like the Bellagio reflect that title. 960 1280


Gourmet buffets are the specialty at the Bellagio with trays of Kobe beef, suckling pig and 8 types of pizza. 960 1280


Located high in the Burbank hills near Los Angeles, the Castaway is a nautically themed restaurant known for its seafood. 960 1280


Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA, set a Guinness World Record for its 123-lb. beef burger. 960 1280


Visit Gauchos Village in Glendale, CA, for a little taste of Brazilian cuisine like churrasco and deep-fried bananas. 960 1280


Bring your sweet tooth to the chocolate heaven at Boston's Langham Hotel's Café Fleuri chocolate bar. 960 1280


Chocoholics indulge in over 120 desserts made from different types of chocolate at Langham's Café Fleuri chocolate bar. 960 1280


If you are looking for the ultimate soup-eating experience, head to Pea Soup Andersen's in Buellton, CA. 960 1280


Pea Soup Andersen's uses over 135 tons of peas to prepare bottomless bowls of its famous split pea soup. 960 1280


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The shimmering stainless steel at Rosie's Diner in Rockford, MI, gives the joint a classic appeal both inside and out. 960 1280


Rosie's serves hearty, home-style meals and a round of golf on the 18-hole miniature-golf course outside. 960 1280


With classic 1950s decor, Ed Debevic's in Chicago is not only well-known for its food, but for its fun-loving servers. 960 1280


Ed Debevic's Diner is famous for its simple and fun diner food, like hot dogs, meat loaf and milkshakes. 960 1280


The 1920s railcar known as Empire Diner has been a fixture in the artsy community of New York's Chelsea for decades. 960 1280


The art deco Empire Diner serves classic American comfort food with a touch of metropolitan flair, including a full bar. 960 1280


Rhode Island is where the American diner got started at places like the Modern Diner in Pawtucket, RI. 960 1280


While most diners were designed only to look like railroad cars, the Napa Valley Wine Train is the real deal. 960 1280


Guests aboard the Wine Train can sip and swirl their wine while viewing the lush landscape of Napa Valley. 960 1280