Gear and Gadgets

Easy Luggage Tote
Train Reaction Luggage Device ($19.99)
The Train Reaction Luggage Device provides you with a way to tote around extra luggage without struggling to get to your destination on time. The device lets you combine any 2 pieces of rolling luggage into one. Train Reaction claims their device makes rolling your luggage to the airport gate feel effortless. It’s a cheap gift. Give it a try!
The Germinator
Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Wand ($29.95)
Nothing puts a crimp in your trip like catching a cold while traveling. To help keep you at the top of your game when you’re away from home, the Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Wand is a portable UV super-cleaner. Verilux claims the handheld, cordless wand kills 99.9% of viruses including H1N1, bacteria, germs, mold, dust mites and even flea eggs. Wave the wand over any surface, and you can rest more easily.
Collapsable Diaper Changer
Skip Hop's Pronto Mini Changer ($30)
Looking for a quick way to change a baby diaper when there isn’t a bathroom around? Check out the Pronto Mini Changer. The wide travel pad folds up into a tidy pouch with a large picket to organize your essentials. The portable changer has a cushion headrest to keep your baby comfortable, a strap with a clip to hang from a wrist or stroller, and a clear box for wipes. It’s portable and convenient for you and your baby when you’re on the go.
Sleep Easy Without Distractions
Snazzy Napper¿ (Original $14.99, XL $24.99)
Sleeping on a plane or in a car can be difficult. With the Snazzy Napper™, you can catch your ZZZs anywhere, anytime. The oversize bib covers your eyes like a night mask, but it also covers your face and upper body to block out light and other distractions. The XL size of the Snazzy Napper™ provides more coverage, similar to a blanket. So go ahead and take a snooze without being insecure about whether you’re drooling.
Sandals With A Secret Compartment
Reef's Stash Sandals ($30-50)
Reef’s Stash Sandals are the perfect gift for sunbathers and beach lovers who don’t like the hassle of carrying around their ID or money. Just pull the heel up, and store your secret treasures in a small compartment built into the sandal. These unique sandals allow you to relax on the beach without worrying about your personal belongings. You’re ready to walk out the door with just your towel, sunglasses and sandals.

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