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Hosts' New Year's Resolutions for 2013

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Hit the flea market at 4 am. Give up pretzels. And make every day count. Sounds easy, right?

See our hosts' resolutions for the New Year. You might be inspired.

Anthony Melchiorri
Hotel Impossible
"To start a foundation to help poor children go to school (hopefully, a hospitality school)."
Todd Carmichael
Dangerous Grounds

"Same as every year -- make every day count."

Billy Leroy
Baggage Battles
"Make it to the NYC Annex Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday at 4 a.m. instead of 6 a.m."
Aaron Goodwin
Ghost Adventures
"I don’t make New Year’s resolutions ever. I think if you can’t do something by just wanting to change, you shouldn't make it a yearly thing. You should just make the change -- any time of the year."
Nick Groff
Ghost Adventures
"I really don't have one, but if I were to choose it would be physical training ... pushing my body to the limit for endurance and strength."
Ed Edmunds
Making Monsters
"I've made soooo many of these, I think I always fail. Let's see, eat healthier, walk more, lose weight, get hair plugs, stop being stupid, and give up Twinkies. I guess I'll pick the last one ... better odds."
Mark Meyer
Baggage Battles
"This New Year’s resolution is to spend more quality time when I'm home. I'm a workaholic, so I'm hoping to stop and smell the flowers in 2013."
Steve Di Schiavi
Dead Files
"To lose some weight, which I have done before, BUT keep it off ..."
Don Wildman
Mysteries at the Museum
"I'm not going to snack, never, finished. It’s done. No more pretzels, chips, bananas between meals. No more reaching for ANYTHING between meals. Because it only means I'm bored and restless. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be hungry."

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