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Travel Channel Hosts: Best Holiday Gifts Ever

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What were the best gifts our Travel Channel hosts ever received for the holidays? From hand-written notes to family time in the mountains of Costa Rica, discover their most cherished holiday gifts.

Billy Leroy
Baggage Battles

"On my 12th Christmas my mother finally gave me -- after 3 years of begging -- an 80cc Yamaha mini bike!"

Aaron Goodwin
Ghost Adventures

"I really don’t get gifts for Christmas much. I usually give the gifts. My family gives gag gifts most of the time. My favorite gift, though, so far was when my niece sent me a box of garbage. LOL. Let’s just say I got her back good."

Nick Groff
Ghost Adventures

"Annabelle Groff, born Dec. 7, 2010. Spending our first Christmas together with Annabelle."

Ed Edmunds
Making Monsters

"I thought about this for a while, I've gotten so many things. But as I scanned my faulty memory banks, I realized it didn't matter, all the stuff didn't matter. What is precious to me is the love, time, sacrifice and faith my parents gave to me, this is the greatest gift, and it is most memorable around the holidays.

"I would imagine that when people come up with a better answer like, “The red motorized mini car our parents bought us when I was 9,” (which my parents did), behind that answer is really, the love, time and sacrifice it took to get the thing. (I also have film of me driving that car.)

"I also have the memory about these stuffed animal puppet paddle things they bought one Christmas, which I was gravely disappointed in (I wanted marionettes). I kept up a brave front and sickly smile, hoping they wouldn't notice. (Ha! I also have this film clip!)"

Mark Meyer
Baggage Battles

"Best Christmas gift I ever received was, when I was 16, my parents bought me a full race chassis go-kart. We soon raced several seasons and it expanded my knowledge of mechanics, racing and competition. It took years of practice and determination to finally drive it in the victory lane."

Andrew Zimmern
Bizarre Foods

"Seven years ago, on Xmas Eve, we visited with our soon-to-be adopted son for the first time -- how does anything beat that?"

Steve Di Schiavi
The Dead Files

"The Dremel Multi-Max tool, it's the best multi-task tool ever made. I love it!"

Don Wildman
Mysteries at the Museum

"My Bobby Hull Hockey Tabletop Hockey game! Back in pre-video days, when controls meant actually controlling something. In this case, decal’ed, plastic figures who yearned to skate out of their singular tracks and score. I've never played with more passion in anything than against my Dad that Xmas vacation."

BigCat Trucker

“I guess it's a lot easier to say something that I have received on the material level. But nowadays, because of my occupation (truck driver), I will have to say the best gift I've ever receive around the holidays is the opportunity to be home for the holidays … to spend time with my family.”

Anthony Melchiorri
Hotel Impossible

“Hand-written cards from my children.”

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