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Todd Carmichael
Dangerous Grounds

“The best gift ever, hands down, is the vacation time I get with my wife and 4 rug rats. We spend it in the mountains of Costa Rica -- where we play like there's no tomorrow. That is simply the best gift I have ever received.”

Adam Richman
Man v. Food Nation

“The best give I've received recently had to be a great messenger bag that I got from my manager before my very first trip to Asia. I wanted something that evoked travel, adventure, Hemingway, Indiana Jones -- something polished, yet beaten. Stylish, but REAL. She absolutely kicked ass with her choice of a killer Marc Jacobs bag. It has ample pockets (some hidden), looks better the more you wear it, and was perfect for every climate and every function that I encountered on the trip I took through Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.”

Marsha Edmunds
Making Monsters

“I just love Christmas ... and so many memorable gifts! But one really stands out: In 1993, my Mom was in the hospital, gravely ill and on the heart transplant waiting list. She went into the hospital in August and received her new heart in October. There were complications and we almost lost her, but thankfully she recovered and was able to be with us that Christmas! Truly a Christmas miracle! She is still with us after almost 20 years, healthy and such a blessing!”

Marianela Pereyra
Marianela’s Top 10 California Beaches

“When I was 10, my dad bought me a Panasonic VHS camcorder -- and to this day I don't think I've enjoyed a gift more than that. I’ll save myself the embarrassment of releasing any of the colorful ’80s music videos that I created with my friends, but let’s just say I reenacted every Michael Jackson video ever made and sang every Whitney Houston song imaginable.

“There was also a lot of set designing on my part to recreate The Tales from the Crypt; I turned the basement into a cemetery -- my poor mom! Haha. In some ways I think it was the greatest gift ever because it gave me the creative freedom to express myself and to create. That camcorder paved the way for my journey into the world of television and helped me realize my dream -- to entertain.”

Jordan Hembrough
Toy Hunter

“The best gift that I can recall in recent years was when my brother and his family traveled literally across the globe to be with my family during the holidays. My twin, yes I'm a twin, works for a large automobile corporation in Sweden. I see him perhaps once a year, if that. Our hectic schedules make it nearly impossible to get time to meet up, so we speak by phone or over email.

“Five years ago, as a surprise to my family, my brother showed up Christmas Eve with his kids and wife. Unknown to us, he had meetings scheduled on the East Coast early in the New Year ... and had decided to spend the holidays in New Jersey prior. He had kept the entire trip a secret.

“It was incredible to show up Christmas morning at my parents’ house, and see the look on their faces as they were greeted by not 2, but all 4 grandkids! It was the last time we spent the holidays together, but we're trying to do it again as soon as we can!”

George Motz
Made in America

“By FAR the greatest gift I've ever received was from my wife. My rock band Toss had broken up years ago and she managed to surprise me and get the band back together for one big gig at the Knitting Factory in NYC. A truly amazing feat!”

Samantha Brown

“My Weeble Wobble Treehouse. I loved the Weeble Wobbles. Their treehouse had an elevator in the trunk of the tree which I thought was so cool. You would push a button on top of the plastic arbor and it would lift to reveal their house. It was like a secret place. It's also the first Christmas I really remember -- I was very young -- maybe 6. So I was truly understanding the magic of Christmas, which to a six year old means toys!”

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