Top 10 Most-Watched Video in February 2013

What were the most watched videos on during February 2013? See for yourself, and watch them again!

1. Seattle's Melrose Market

Anthony Bourdain eats his way through the market's artisanal, local food.
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2. Spirits From Katrina

Is a victim of Hurricane Katrina trying to send a message to the living?
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3. A Dying Place

Something takes over Zak, sending him into an inexplicable rage.
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4. Top 10 Florida Attractions

Consider these top family sites during your next Florida trip.
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5. How to Enjoy Mardi Gras

Here are 5 insider tips on how to enjoy Mardi Gras like the locals do.
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6. Jacket-Required Seattle Dining

Anthony Bourdain dines at Canlis, a retro-glam, swingin' Seattle restaurant.
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7. Win a Trip of a Lifetime

This year's $100,000 vacation giveaway is to Italy and Croatia on the Adriatic.
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8. Do You Have Any Plastic Vomit?

See Anthony Bourdain's best one-liners from the Seattle episode.
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9. A Day With Amy Allan

Spend a day in the paranormal universe of The Dead Files host Amy Allan.
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10. Ohio State Reformatory

The guys meet a former inmate who is haunted by his cellblock neighbor.
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