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Did you take an amazing, whirlwind trip to Europe? Sample tasty food at a local restaurant that every foodie should visit? Did a trip to a national park leave you breathless? Or did you have an amazing travel story that will inspire others to travel? Well, we want to hear from you. Share your most recent travel experience with us and you could win a $10 iTunes gift card!

Travel Channel’s blog, The Traveling Type, has a new look -- and now you can be an honorary member of our blog team. We want you to share your inspiring travel story with fellow travelers. Submit a blog post -- no more than 300 words -- with your travel tips that helped you during your recent travel experience. Plus tell us why others should plan a trip to your suggested destination.

What’s in it for you? Our blog team may select your blog post and publish it on The Traveling Type blog.

But wait, there’s more! The Travel Channel blog team will choose one blog from the pool of selected blog posts each week and the lucky winner will receive a $10 iTunes gift card. Buy books, music, TV show episodes and more to help make your next trip more pleasurable.

Want more details? Take a look at the official rules for the Travel for Tunes Contest, and send your photos and a written blog post about your amazing adventure to Good luck!

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**Only Scripps Interactive Networks Staff Are Allowed to Participate in this Contest.