Postcard From Hallowbaloo Music and Arts Festival

November 06, 2012

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Delta Spirit
Delta Spirit
Jon Jameson, bassist for the San Diego-based band Delta Spirit recently traveled to Hawaii to play at the Hallowbaloo Music and Arts Festival. While their headline performance at the festival was cancelled due to a tsunami warning, they got to experience Hawaii, and still played a show offsite the next day.

I got into music because: I went to a punk show when I was 12 and knew I wanted to start a band.

I went here to: Play a festival in Honolulu that ended up getting cancelled because of a severe tsunami threat. Nothing happened, thankfully, and we ended up playing a free show the night before we left to make it up to the fans.

The best way to travel here is: By plane.

I stayed at: Aqua Bamboo Waikiki. It had a recent modern renovation with a tiki vibe and is located 2 blocks from the beach. Not quite a resort or high-end boutique, but clean, convenient and affordable.

When it comes to packing, be sure to bring: Sunscreen, a bathing suit and flip flops. What else do you need?!

The best thing I ate was: North Shore Tacos. I got the sweet pork tacos. Solid.

The best performance I saw was: Ours! Cause I didn't see anyone else play.

I wish I hadn't: Gone to an Italian restaurant in Hawaii.

Don't miss: You must either rent a car or scooters and explore the island, the remote beaches (Diamond Head and Halona Blowhole were my favorites) and find a good food truck. Also try to make it to Hale'iwa (coolest town!).

Next time I will definitely: Ride horses on the gorgeous Kualoa Ranch. The vaulted mountains that surround the ranch look like massive overgrown gothic cathedral arches.

My favorite part of the festival was: Not dying in a tsunami. And of course the locals’ rabid enthusiasm for live music!

My advice would be: Get to Hawaii! It's beautiful. Even though Honolulu gets a bad rap for being crowded and dirty, it still has a charm (and a few good vintage spots) and the rest of the island of Oahu is mind-blowingly beautiful!

Hallowbaloo is different from other music festivals because: It's in Hawaii!

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