Catch Cabin Fever in These Million-Dollar Homes

Take a tour of 3 of the most palatial estates in the US. It's no surprise why guests enjoy spending all their time in these cozy, million-dollar cabins and homes with extravagant amenities.

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Jigsaw Ranch

An outdoorsman’s paradise, the 90-acre Jigsaw Ranch sits on the backside of Colorado’s Aspen Mountain, one of the best mountains in the country, perhaps the world, for skiers.

Jigsaw Ranch Bedroom

Valued at $48.5 million, Jigsaw Ranch has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a game room, theater, 6-washer laundry room and a wine cellar. Check out the spectacular view from 1 of the bedrooms.

Jigsaw Ranch Theater Room

The Jigsaw Ranch as unbelievable amenities. Need to get away and decompress after a long day? Settle in the theater room and grab a glass of wine from the wine cellar nearby.

Jigsaw Ranch Wine Cellar

Jigsaw Ranch’s wine cellar resembles many of the wine rooms in Italy and other countries in Europe.

Jigsaw Ranch Kitchen

Take a look at the spacious kitchen with birds-eye maple cabinets, a stainless steel fridge and island with beautiful marble countertops.

Jigsaw Ranch Country-Style Kitchen

Whip up a nice meal in the country-style kitchen after spending a few hours fishing in the Roaring Fork River, just a short walk from Aspen’s Jigsaw Ranch.

Jigsaw Ranch Living Room

Take a look at this amazing living area with an awesome view. Every inch of this mammoth dwelling is designed to blend in with natural vision and rhythm of the outdoors. An indoor heating system also heats the outdoor patio, rendering a shovel useless.

Jigsaw Ranch Living Room

Jigsaw Ranch, built like a small village, is the perfect setting for the high-end mountain man. Tens of 1000s of acres of National Forest surround the massive property.

Jigsaw Ranch Living Room

Entertain your guest in this specious living area. Jigsaw Ranch’s interior, the unique artistry of intertwined beams and ceilings, is nothing short of majestic.

Fontanel Mansion

Country Music Hall of Fame’s Barbara Mandrell and her family made music at the Fontanel Mansion in Nashville, TN, for more than 15 years. The 27,000-square-foot mansion includes 6 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, a swimming pool, and an atrium.

Fontanel Mansion Great Room

Fontanel Mansion's "Great Room” has a beam that celebrity guests, including Bob Hope, Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, sign before they leave. The room is furnished with priceless pieces of history, a Harley-Davidson piano, walls of platinum albums and guitars.

Fontanel Mansion Dessert Bar

Fontanel Mansion has a dessert bar, a throwback to the soda fountain rooms in the 1950s. Each member of the Mandrell family has a drink or dessert named after them. 

Kirkland Kastle

Kirkland Kastle is a 3-story wooded palace lies on a serene 40-acre plot of land in Canton, TX. It was made primarily out of timber located in a 10-mile radius from where the big tree house resides. 

Kirkland Kastle Kitchen

The $4-million Kirkland Kastle estate has a pier for fishing, a bandstand for performances, a 12-acre pond, $20,000 commercial grade Viking appliances and more.

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