Park Secrets: Roadside Attractions

Visit El Morro National Monument in New Mexico, enjoy a tasty hotdog in Tucson and sightsee around the Lost Sea in Sweetwater, TN.

Cook Miles Jack mixes up dough to make Navajo Fry Bread at Earl's Restaurant in Gallup, NM.

The view from El Morro National Monument encompasses sparse New Mexican desert and scrubby trees.

El Morro National Monument is covered in petroglyph carvings thanks to generations of Native American visitors and Spanish conquistadors.

Celia Harrison talks about the cheese business at Sweetwater Valley Farm, a dairy farm in Sweetwater, TN.

The Lost Sea in Sweetwater, TN, is America's largest underground lake.

Sweetwater Valley Farm in Sweetwater, TN makes dozens of flavored artisan cheeses.

El Morro National Monument towers over central New Mexico's desert landscape.

A view from El Morro National Monument.

Earl's Restaurant in Gallup, NM, is a local institution that dates back to 1947.

The bacon-wrapped Sonoran hot dog is doused in mayo and served with a grilled pepper.

Tour guide Will Harder escorts sightseers around the Lost Sea in Sweetwater, TN.

Ruins of an old pueblo building can be found on the slopes of El Morro National Monument

Flavored artisan cheeses from Sweetwater Valley Farm.

El Morro National Monument.

At El Guero Canelo in Tuscon, AZ, customers line up to sample their famous Sonoran hot dog.

The Bandera Volcano crater can be found near El Morro National Monument in central New Mexico.

El Morro National Monument hides a secret spring that was once a refuge to thirsty travelers in central New Mexico.

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