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You put a lot of effort into planning your vacation, with plenty of time, research and money spent. So it’s always a letdown when your vacation turns out to be farshtunken*.

How is it possible that that awful hotel you stayed at got such rave reviews? The sad fact is that many hotels reviews are written by people whose standards aren’t as high as yours. That’s where comes in. is The Hotel Tell-All, and the web’s Hotel Expert. Our mission is to present the truth about hotels, and help you find the one that’s absolutely perfect for you. We send trained professional reviewers to experience, photograph, review and rate each hotel in person. Oyster reviews are unbiased, and our photos are un-retouched – really, no Photoshopping!

It’s also the only travel site where you can visually search thousands of pictures, from pools to spas to bathrooms. Every nook and cranny is posted on, so travelers know exactly what to expect.
Reviews of New York, Miami, LA and over 30 other destinations’ hotels are currently featured, and the cities reviewed will increase tenfold over the next year. Also, there are five international versions of the site, including Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil and France. And that’s just for starters.

Oyster was founded by serial entrepreneurs Elie Seidman and Ariel Charytan and Eytan Seidman, formerly of Microsoft’s They were motivated by one too many bad stays at “reportedly” good hotels.

Everyone at Oyster wants to help make your vacation a lot more fun. And a lot less farshtunken.


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