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Travel Tales from the 2010 Holiday Blizzard

All along the East Coast, many 2010 holiday travelers were brought to an immediate stand-still. Whether you were prepared for take-off or about to send mom and dad packing from the front door, it’s pretty likely your plans changed on December 26. We scoured the Web looking for travel tales from this week’s blizzard mayhem. The following is a collection of quotes that best describes this season's headache, and joy, for the very few.

Andrew Zimmern on Twitter

@MarthaStewart I feel your pain. Am stuck in airport w/ family, trying to get outta here and we get little time as is. Perhaps some UNO!"

Samantha Brown on Twitter

"Blizzard" in New York! "21 inches of snow!" About to get "dumped on!" These are a few of my favorite things! (I'm not in an airport).

Fans from our No Reservations Facebook page

Laury Robirosa: "Went to visit family I haven't seen in ova 20yrs in NJ from CA to b stuck in a blizzard shoveling snow.... Still shoveling...."

Fans from our Travel Channel Facebook page

Ashley Webster:"I live in Boston and my flight to Florida tomorrow just got cancelled. After an hour on the phone with Delta, I'm now on hold with Orbitz trying to get out of here! Delta said the soonest flight out was Friday (4 days away), and that those were almost full :( This is ridiculous! The snow has stopped, people!"


David Bowen:"All Boston to Detroit flights were canceled today. Got Delta on the 6th try and used their automatic call back feature. Got a call back in 10 minutes! Great use of automation! Unfortunately, could not get seats of any kind on any airline until Wednesday evening and have to drive to Providence."


Jacquie Taylor Merrill:"We live in NC and I live about 50 miles from my family, and with 8 inches of snow and a rear wheel drive sportscar, we had to postpone Christmas and try again this weekend."

Fans from our Travel Channel Twitter handle

NJKilla420: @Stuck home, snowed in! Can we say, "cabin fever"? RT @travelchannel Where are you on this #TravelTuesday?


efrancovitch: @travelchannel This was my 3rd day trying to travel to Boston & I didn't get on my flight this morning. Have to travel tomorrow morning.

CNN iReport

sjunat55 New York City got its 6th biggest winter storm ever in terms of snow- 20 plus inches in Central Park, the official measuring location.On Tuesday, December 28th, things in Manhattan started getting back to normal....well, almost! Not the case in sections of Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and specially Staten Island, where, in some areas, plows were slow to arrive.


Guitarzero21: I'm from Downingtown, Pennsylvania and the recent snowstorm has stranded two plane loads of our 350 member band out to the Tournament of Roses parade on January 1st and we may not be able to get there! If anyone can help us, please...


shoregal79: NO PLOWS are in sight for Ocean Grove, NJ, a part of the township of Neptune.
Stranded blogger tweets JFK ordeal
Snow Causes Travel Chaos As Winter Storm Moves Up East Coast
Comments from Huffingtonpost

LINY01: "I understand that this as a lot of snow but I find unbelievab¬le that the major transit systems were brought to their knees over this, specifical¬ly the LIRR. 2 days now and still suspension¬s and limited service. Utilizing 19th century technologi¬cally in the 21st century just doesn't cut it. Too bad, we didn't have innovative politician¬s with foresight years ago."


tcny: Mike Bloomberg favoring snow removal in wealthy Manhattan neighborhoods over working-class outer borough areas? I'm shocked...SHOCKED, I say!"


3dtrix: I've been reading a lot of blizzard-r¬elated stories - and so far I haven't seen any yahoos commenting "so much for global warming", or any such related nonsense. Why is that? I kinda miss 'em - like a summer without mosquitos..."


THE BESTCASTLE: Take a look at some of the chaos going on inside JFK Airport! You got lots of angry people who can't go where they want, going hungry too, I can't imagine how irate they got."

Comments with the hashtag #snowstorm

Todd_Jonathan: No pity for anyone caught in the north eastern #blizzard #snowstorm ....u were warned.


ScottSabol: More than 600 snow records this past week #eastcoast #snowstorm #winter


Ms_PlusTax: RT @Shades_of_Grey7: NY is slacking this year. This reminds me of #snowstorm DC but without the wild nights.


TeleGlass: Phones ringing off the hook today! Snow is great for the auto glass business :) #snowstorm


dnongbri: Excellent time-lapse vid of the #snowstorm #blizzard hitting the northeast. This one fm a NJ backyard:


bbcamericana: Among the least delightful parts of a #snowstorm. Stranded on the New York Subway. 14 miles, 18 hours.


boyshapedbox: Anyone else get as much pleasure as I do kicking the snow off the mudflaps on cars? #snowstorm


JHockenberry: It was an adventure getting into work.... THEY PLOWED MY STREET! #snowstorm


TheMightyGudity: Close to 2 feet of snow on Long Island. Snow shoveling: Snow: 376. My back: 0. #ineverlearn #snowstorm


benjaminrob: Stuck at the airport. This #snowstorm is slowing things down in a major way.


kieranmeadows: Ha! I knew this was the worst #snowstorm since the #Blizzard of '96. And that was on pure gut feeling; now the facts back me up.


angieeexoxxo: Some hot guys got stuck in the snow so me and my cousins helped them ; ahhh so hot :) #snowstorm


iamcatpowers: GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE woohooo!!!! #snowstorm


anaphoto: I'm spending the nyc #snowstorm shopping at! Use code "happy2011" to save 15% on all your profesh #photog template needs.


MissLadyR: I haven't left the house all day & cant stop eating, smh!!! :-/ #snowstorm

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