This Week in Photos, Sept 10-16

A look at the travel-related news for the week of September 10-16, 2010.


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Home to some of the largest hotels and casinos in the world, the Las Vegas Strip spans over 4 miles and is littered with bright lights, flashy hotels and the most eclectic array of entertainment around. 960 1280

Timothy Hughes / iStockphoto  

Best known for the Forum Shops, Ceasars Palace, which has over 3,000 rooms in 5 different towers, is located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. 960 1280

yunus emre karakoyunlu / iStockphoto  

As a tribute to the gondola rides through the canals of Venice, a gondolier gives tourists a ride at the Venetian Hotel & Casino. 960 1280

Spencer Platt / Getty Images  

The Excalibur, named for the mythical sword of King Arthur, is located on the strip and it's facade is a stylized image of a castle. 960 1280

Alina Solovyova-Vincent / iStockphoto  

A view of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, the second largest hotel resort complex in Las Vegas. 960 1280

Alina Solovyova-Vincent / iStockphoto  

Take a trip to Paris without having to fly overseas. The replica Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel & Casino is a signature of the Las Vegas skyline. 960 1280

Eduard Andras / iStockphoto  

The Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas is the former home of legendary magicians, Siegfried & Roy. 960 1280


Though not quite as big as the real city, New York New York Hotel and Casino gives off a New York City vibe from the moment you walk in the doors. 960 1280

Sebastien Cote / iStockphoto  

A symbol known all over the globe, this Hard Rock guitar is located just off the strip at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. 960 1280


Famed for its elegance and always popular fountains, the Bellagio is a 5 diamond award-winning hotel and casino located on Las Vegas Strip. 960 1280

Alina Solovyova-Vincent / iStockphoto  

One of the most spectacular sights in Vegas, the laser light that appears from the top of the Luxor Hotel & Casino Pyramid is visible from outer space. 960 1280

Ethan Miller  

"@MrDuncanJames poses w/ @bertkreischer & his new Euro scarf on Friday. Great working w/ u guys!" - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"remember when this happened?" - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"We're awesome." - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"Wow, california coast has gorgeous views. We dont see this in vegas!" - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"I just accidentally ate shellfish....." - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"These lamps remind me of the cute lil UFO robot things in movie "Batteries Not Included"." - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"This is the best way to beat the heat in vegas today. If i could just get the dam water out of my ears." - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"It's never to late at night to buy art. New peace i got from Alberro local artist in vegas." - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"Everyone I'm pointing at is awesome out there in twitter world. U all rock!" - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"The one and only Po Boy king." - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"Mahonys Menu." - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"Root beer glazed ham Po Boy at Mahonys" - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"Donald link, bubba and a little smoker." - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"Dear Dr. Phil, Recently, I caught my wife, @OttaviaBourdain with another man." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


- Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Showing off my cooking skills at my own birthday party." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"@tvsuperstarr at the daiquiri bar. NOLA. Evidence for the prosecution." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Early AM on the Fort Pitt Bridge. Cones are so useful." - Don Wildman 960 1280


"Me and my harness." - Don Wildman 960 1280


"Under the Fort Pitt Bridge in Pittsburgh." - Don Wildman 960 1280


"Shooting theFort Pitt Bridge and Tunnels today and the highway guys rescued a kitten from the sewer. Cute..." - Don Wildman 960 1280


"@tvsuperstarr it begins....." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Hong Kong from the Star Ferry." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Gotta go. A load of mantis shrimp awaits." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"@jylicious thx jylicious most grateful I do 2." - Don Wildman 960 1280


"Outside the mancave w/ @AllThingsBrody @jhollandmoore & the wife." - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"Seriously the creepiest food display I've ever seen." - Zak Bagans 960 1280


- Zak Bagans 960 1280


"My crew waitin for me to fuel up." - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"Lockdown is rocken so far." - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"Found him lounging in the pool." Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"Dishing up." - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"@ruthbourdain , this ones for you." - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"@ManvFoodNation @vanillaice #FloridaKeys -- Get ready for unrelenting deliciousness in The Conch Republic!" - Adam Richman 960 1280


"Me and @MrPeterandre. Wonderful man, great family & members all of @ManvFoodNation!" - Adam Richman 960 1280


"Three great reasons to love @TheRedbury." - Adam Richman 960 1280


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