Travel Hosts Exposed, Week of June 8

Join new host Don Wildman as he hangs in Hawaii, as well as Zak spending some quality time in his home town, Sin City, and Bert wraps season 2.


In ' Unplugging
Enjoy life and live in the moment instead of toting around your hand-held device or laptop. Unplug and immerse yourself in a new culture and destination. Siberia, here we come!

Out ' Internet Access/Wi-Fi
Don't be a geek. Checking Facebook, Foursquare and tweeting on your Smartphone is so old-school. Travel isn't an anti-social hobby.
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In ' Pat-down
Underwear bombing is all the rage, which means we all get a free grope on the way to Grandma's house. What's that? You don't want the TSA creeper touching you? Step into the body scanner to the right, also known as the free peep show starring you.

Out ' Shoe scan
Who hides explosives in shoes anymore?
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In ' Harry Potter
Screaming into Orlando like Harry on the back of Buckbeak the hippogriff, Universal has launched its most exciting theme park in years, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Out ' Disney's MGM
Unfortunately, MGM is showing its age.
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Image by veritasnoctis through Creative Commons License  

In ' Ground Zero Memorial
The New Year will be big for New York when the memorial at Ground Zero opens to the public on Sept. 11, 2011.

Out ' Sleeping on Matresses
With the increase in bedbug infestations in NYC, where can tourists sleep without fear? Travelers can prepare in advance by checking hotel reviews online, using luggage liners, looking behind headboards and keeping luggage or clothes off the floor.
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In ' England
Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton have made England a hot destination after setting a date for their wedding day, on April 29, 2011.

Out ' Sweden
Sorry, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, marrying your fitness trainer in 2010 is so, well, 2010.
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In ' Vanuatu
With 83 islands featuring roaring waterfalls, tropical beaches and remote villages, Vanuatu is bursting with eco-friendly excursions.

Out ' Riviera Maya
Only 20 years ago, you could sneak into the remote, dusty Mayan ruin and crash next door in a $5-a-night beach hut. Not anymore. Cancun has officially jumped the shark.
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In ' Dance
Everyone's a dancer, even Bristol Palin! Visit Argentina for traditional tango lessons or go on a themed cruise, where dance competitions are increasingly popular.

Out ' Wine
Dissing Merlot while singing the praises of Pinot Noir on a California wine tour is so 2004.
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In ' Bike-sharing
Bike-sharing really took off in Paris in 2007 with 20,000 bicycles distributed across 1,450 stations. Since then, networks have launched in Portland, OR, Washington, DC, and Montreal, Canada.

Out ' Segway
The Segway is out after the company's owner was killed when he accidentally drove one off a cliff last year.
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In ' Alaska
The Palins were all over TV in 2010. Bristol made the top 3 on Dancing with the Stars, and Sarah Palin's Alaska was a hit, too.

Out ' Hawaii
Meanwhile, the November elections were not kind to the Democrats. Sorry, Hawaii.
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Reuters and iStockphoto  

In ' Fakecation
If you can work from home, why not work from Egypt instead? Any exotic location will do. Worldwide Wi-Fi and mobile coverage is expanding exponentially each year, and with Skype, there's no reason to pay for long-distance calls.

Out ' Staycation
You no longer have an excuse to stay at home when you can travel the world without ever using a vacation day.
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"@UKCoachCalipari Great meeting you dude! Thanks for being so gracious!" - Adam Richman 960 1280


"My priceless possession... Worn by one of the best actors of all-time! VV" - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"I could show you the Bagans' recipe but then Id have to....." - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"Should we just go on and talk about congress and tax deficits..." - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"Do u ever go run bs errands then jus sit in park lot and stare at the island bushes?" - Zak Bagans 960 1280


- Zak Bagans 960 1280


"Vegas" - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"I finally found it and it's broke. The old school TRON game. WHY?!?!" - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"And i found an arcade bar that plays tron on its tv's all day here in vegas. I'm closer to the grid now" - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"MSNBC time" - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"Food woody: Rishia is making choc cake" - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"Look at that technique!" - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


- Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"From Ukraine With Love" - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Love this. McDonalds, and right next-door, its Ukranian knock-off / competition: McFoxy's!" - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"He's more disruptive than I am & we're supposed to be chaperones." - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"It's the shirt that makes the man..." - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"Set your TiVo...someone is falling..." - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"Praying for a Marilyn Monroe wind gust." - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


American Sarah Shourd (left) was freed on $500,000 bail in September after spending 14 months in a Tehran prison. Her fiancé Shane Bauer (right) and Josh Fattal remain in jail. They were hiking near the Iran/Iraq border and arrested on suspicion of spying. 960 1280


Thousands of volunteers and vessels worked together on the largest oil spill in US history. The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill made many travelers change their plans to avoid the beaches and big tourist attractions along the Gulf of Mexico. 960 1280


A White House leak created a buzz that visits to Cuba by US citizens would be announced. However, after November's midterm elections, Congress lost all interest in relaxing travel or trade restrictions for Americans. 960 1280


A worker clears snow from DC's Lincoln Memorial after 2 back-to-back storms shut down most travel along the East Coast corridor. The February blizzards halted traffic at airports, train stations and on the roads. 960 1280


Passengers clap as the Carnival Cruise Lines cruise ship C/V Splendor docks in San Diego, CA. The luxury liner and its 3,300 vacationers were stranded off the Mexican coast after an engine-room fire. 960 1280


An airplane was the site of an unforgettable moment for several JetBlue passengers. Flight attendant Steven Slater cursed out a passenger over the cabin speaker after an argument. Then, he grabbed a beer, deployed the emergency slide and glided into infamy. 960 1280

Image by Kathika through Creative Commons License  

In September, the owner of Segway, James W. Heselden, was killed when he accidently steered one of the manual-powered vehicles off a 30-foot cliff on his estate in West Yorkshire, England. 960 1280

Image by Skewgee through Creative Commons License  

Qantas grounded its Airbus A380 fleet after one of the double-decker jets blew out an engine and made a safe emergency landing in Singapore on November 4. An oil leak near a turbine triggered a fire and engine failure. It is the most serious mid-air incident involving the world's largest passenger plane since it debuted in October 2007. 960 1280


Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in April. Huge clouds of ash wreaked havoc from Sweden to Spain. Airlines were forced to cancel more than 100,000 flights after several countries closed their airspace -- costing the airline industry $1.7 billion. 960 1280


Southwest Airlines agreed to buy AirTran for $1.42 billion, combining 2 of the largest discount carriers in the US. Southwest expanded flights to 37 new cities and added new international routes to Mexico and the Caribbean. The Dallas-based airline says it will eliminate AirTran's bag fees by 2012 when the merger is complete. 960 1280


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