Travel Hosts Exposed, Week of May 4

Get ready to start a hunt with Zak and Aaron, explore what delicacies Andrew indulges himself with this week, and much more.


Use a Scarf

Use a Scarf

Tie your hair in a scarf to combat bad hair at the end of a long flight -- make it a Hermes to add extra glamour. 960 1280

Chris Leschinsky/Getty Images  

Hair Powder

Hair Powder

Hair powder, like a dry shampoo, helps combat oily scalp or limp hair. 960 1280

LiudmylaSupynska/Getty Images  

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave your house with a leave-in conditioner in your hair. Wrap it in a scarf, and you'll get a deep-conditioning treatment while you earn the miles -- excellent for combating the overly dry air on board 960 1280


Bring a Hairbrush

Bring a Hairbrush

As always, carry a great hairbrush. Edriss and Landy like the junior Maison & Pearson. 960 1280
Hair Shine Paper

Hair Shine Paper

Don't forget hair shine paper. It helps eliminate static and reduce dullness. 960 1280


Cucumber Eye Pads

Cucumber Eye Pads

Cucumber eye pads. Pre-moistened pads soothe and refresh tired and puffy eyes. These can also be refrigerated prior to travel to further refresh eyes during flight. 960 1280
Makeup Remover Cloths

Makeup Remover Cloths

Pre-moistened makeup remover cloths remove makeup or just clean the skin mid- or post-travel. Neutrogena or Mac brands are good. (Note: These pre-moistened towelettes must be placed in your one-quart bag of liquids.) 960 1280

KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images  

Makeup Corrector Stick

Makeup Corrector Stick

Makeup corrector sticks help correct little smudges, blotches or "I-can't sleep-because-I'm-stuck-in-the-center-aisle" circles under the eyes. 960 1280
Cake Mascara

Cake Mascara

Cake mascara is a great alternative when liquids are not allowed. This is the classic Hollywood way to darken and define the eyelashes. It comes in a pressed, cake form and can be mixed with water then applied with a firm brush. They recommend curling the lashes first -- Paula Dorf or Longcils Boncza brands are favorites. 960 1280


Solid Cocoa Butter

Solid Cocoa Butter

Solid cocoa butter and cotton gloves for a hand treatment (also place in one quart travel bag). 960 1280

bluehill75/Getty Images  

Bare Pool at the Mirage
Two large pools provide plenty of room for fun, along with Asian-influenced appetizers, ice-fresh mojito pitchers and celebrity sightings.
960 1280

The Mirage  

Encore Beach Club at the Wynn
Possibly the biggest pool party in Vegas, larger then a football field and packed with bodies in bikinis and board shorts, the Encore Beach Club is surrounded by 40-foot palm trees.
960 1280

Russell MacMasters / Wynn Resorts.  

Hard Rock Hotel's REHAB
The Hard Rock Hotel has created a pool party so decadent they had to call it REHAB. It happens on Sundays around the resort's small pool area where good-looking ladies crowd and beefy boys start lining up before breakfast. Open on Sundays from 11 a.m. to sunset.
960 1280

Hard Rock Hotel  

Ditch Fridays At Palms
The retro-chic 3-acre pool setting includes Slip & Slide, wet underwear contests and swimming in a glass-bottom pool.
960 1280

Palms Hotel  

TAO Beach At The Venetian
This orgy of tattooed hardbodies has a $50 admission fee that also buys a pass through the Tao Nightclub when the sun goes down.
960 1280

Photo by Denise Truscello / WireImage  

Wet Republic at MGM Grand
The 2 stadium-sized saltwater pools are lined with rows of cabanas, protected from paparazzi seeking money shots of famous partiers.
960 1280

Kabik / Retna Digital  

This outdoor oasis is complete with 5 different Mediterranean style pools, 4 jacuzzis, a garden cafe, poolside massages and private cabanas.
960 1280

rbstevens / iStockphoto  

Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Ceasars Palace
One of the most luxurious pool getaways on the strip, the Ceasars royal experience has 6 different pools which include, The Apollo, Fortuna, Jupiter, Neptune, Temple and the most exclusive of all, the Venus.
960 1280

Andrew Penner / iStockphoto  

"Why so angry?" - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Now this prick wants some kinda hugs? I don't KNOW you, man! and you smell like strawberries!" - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Vanilla Ice and Guy Fieri? Same room? Same table? Same time? Douchular Fission!" - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


- Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"Lucy and Ricky Ricardo in Naples." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


"I didn't know Howie Mandel played ukelele for Train" - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"Just got to the #kidschoiceawards and started playing a game I call "I can't believe she snuck 8 kids in!" - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"Grown man time at the #kidschoiceawards" - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"I don't look for thrills, they find me." - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"This week's Friday Forecaster Bert the Conqueror makes off with @JillNicolini. Come back, Jill!" - Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"Noah backstage at Stomp!" - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"@punchpizza has a new salumi plate" - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"Backstage @" - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


"@bertkreischer #WhatWillTheMaidThinkWhenSheSeesThis" - Adam Richman 960 1280


"A great day as a host & hiphop fan. Backstage with @vanillaice" - Adam Richman 960 1280


"Aw hell yeah, Chicago!" - Adam Richman 960 1280


"This cemetery right now giving new meaning to "cold chills" - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"Peaceful" - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"These slopes are going dowwwnnnnnn!!!!!!" - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"What a beautiful day and Happy Birthday Aaron!!!" - Zak Bagans 960 1280


"Let the lockdown begin. Come Here ghosts let's chat." - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"The mountain kicked my ass today. 1st time ever snowboarding. I used it as a sled the hole way down. Lol" - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


"Thank you everyone." - Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


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