Track Your Travels With a DIY Photo Map

Get your memories mapped out.

When I travel, I always take a ton of pictures on both my DSLR and phone cameras. I love looking back on photos from trips near and far to remember details I might otherwise forget. But it's a little sad that those photos often end up on a hard drive filed in some forgotten folder. I rarely get them printed anymore unless I plan to give them as a gift or have a project in mind.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

If you're like me and looking for a reason to get photos printed, this DIY photo map project is a great one! Keep your travel memories on display to help you remember where you've been and where you still want to go. It's a great way to plan and track a travel bucket list.

Fair warning, if you travel to Hawaii or Delaware, you might need to get creative with your cutout. A rough estimate or placing a photo in the border is completely acceptable.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James


wood board

2 identical maps

decoupage glue

foam brush


double-sided tape

picture hanging materials

 STEP 1:

After you decide what map you're using, make sure the wood board you pick is large enough so you'll have about an inch border around the map. Brush on glue across the entire board, put map in place and finish with another coat of glue on top of the map. Let dry.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

 STEP 2:

Using your second map, identical to the one you just glued down, cut out the state you want to use as your template.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

 STEP 3:

Hold the state cutout over the picture you want to use. Line up the template on the part of the photo you want to display.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

 STEP 4:

Cut out the photo into the shape of the state.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

 STEP 5:

Use double-sided tap to attach the photo onto the map board.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

 STEP 6:

Hang on the wall and display for all to see.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

Check out the full tutorial.

DIY Travel Photo Map 01:17

Turn pictures from your trips into art by making this DIY travel photo map.
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