Hotel Money-Saving and Safety Tips With Anthony Melchiorri

Learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Anthony Melchiorri is somewhat of a “hotel whisperer,” breathing new life into old, dilapidated hotels while also changing the perception of the hotel staff’s outlook on true customer service. For over 20 years Anthony has worked in the hospitality business, so when he offers up ways for us to save on our next hotel stay, we listen.

Get simple tips on how to stay safe at your next hotel visit, such as never put your bag on the floor (people will walk away with your luggage), never stay on the 1st floor (stick with floors 2-6) and use your in-room safe – always.

Watch more of Anthony’s tips on how to stay safe.

Video: Stay Safe in a Hotel

What you should know to keep you and your luggage safe when staying at a hotel.

Contrary to some beliefs, it’s proper to tip your hotel valet, housekeepers and the concierge. It’s common for hotel housekeepers to clean more than 30 to 40 rooms a day. If you want to make sure that when you come back from working a long day that your hotel room is pristine, always tip.

Watch Anthony’s Hotel Tipping Etiquette for more, including how much to tip.

Video: Hotel Tipping Etiquette

The proper amount you should tip housekeeping, concierge and other hotel staff.

Do you love all-inclusive resorts? I do! But if you want to maximize all of the perks that come with it, you have to know before you go. For instance, in order to make the most of your money, you have to consume high-end items. Instead of that fresh salad, choose the steak instead. Avoid the cheap cocktail and aim straight for the bottle of wine.

See what else Anthony has to say about getting the biggest bang for your buck at all-inclusive resorts.

Video: Maximize All-Inclusive Perks

Anthony explains how to make the most of your money at an all-inclusive hotel.
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