12:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

No Cooking Required No Cooking Required

Andrew looks back on some of the memorable raw foods he's eaten during his travels. From Elk heart to horse mane, Andrew has found that enjoying some of the freshest foods means there's No Cooking Required.  TV-PG , CC

1:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

New Jersey: Pigs Blood & Paprikash New Jersey: Pigs Blood & Paprikash

Andrew Zimmern finds out that some amazing things are growing in America's Garden State. From Filipino favorites to an iconic local breakfast meat and a new breed of oyster, New Jersey is home to some surprising flavors.  TV-PG , CC

2:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Minnesota State Fair: Curds, Corn & Cracklins Minnesota State Fair: Curds, Corn & Cracklins

Andrew Zimmern visits the Minnesota State Fair for some of the country's most kitschy and bizarre food. From fried pickles and chocolate to goats milk straight from the udder, Andrew explores what it takes to feed more than a million hungry fair goers.   TV-PG , CC

3:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Nashville: Crane Meat and Pigeon Feet Nashville: Crane Meat and Pigeon Feet

Andrew Zimmern visits Nashville, where he gets a taste of the city's most iconic foods. From classics like hot chicken and dry ribs to grilled Sandhill crane, Andrew finds flavors both old and new in Music City USA.  TV-PG , CC

9:00 AM

Extreme Houseboats

Extreme Houseboats 2 Extreme Houseboats 2

Take an endless vacation on the water, courtesy of a lavish Dutch cargo ship made of 100 tons of wood, a massive party boat retrofitted with a 40-foot twisting waterslide, and a sprawling century-old steam schooner restored to all its glory.  TV-G , CC

10:00 AM

No Reservations

Vienna Vienna

Blood sausage, hunting, pastries and something called "Pus Stick" challenge Tony's pre-conception of Vienna as a pastry-filled "Sound of Music" nightmare.  TV-PG-DL , CC

11:00 AM

Man v. Food Best Of

Cheesy Goodness


11:30 AM

Man v. Food Best Of



12:00 PM

Man v. Food Best Of

Savory Seafood


12:30 PM

Man v. Food Best Of

Fiery Flavors


1:00 PM

Man v. Food Best Of

Juicy Bites


1:30 PM

Man v. Food Best Of

Fried Feasts


2:00 PM

Man v. Food Best Of

Beefy Burgers


2:30 PM

Man v. Food Best Of



3:00 PM

Food Paradise

Pizza Paradise Pizza Paradise


4:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Cambodia Cambodia

Andrew visits Cambodia, a developing nation where the food traditions are a source of national pride. From the bustling markets of Phnom Penh to a quaint floating village on the Tonle Sap River, Andrew samples some of the most extreme food on the planet.  TV-PG , CC

5:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Baltimore Baltimore

Adam's search for the best grub in the US takes him to Baltimore, MD, for some pit beef, blue crabs and the Great Steak Challenge.  TV-G , CC

5:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Cleveland Cleveland

Adam Richman travels to Cleveland, OH, for a Greek gyro bursting with savory beef, a spicy sausage sandwich and a 5-lb. grilled cheese challenge at Melt Bar & Grilled.  TV-PG , CC

6:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Andrew samples Pennsylvania's staple foods that most people never hear about. Andrew meet interesting people, including a Japanese superstar chef who cooks poisonous sex organs and a family that boils up every part of the pig,   TV-PG , CC

7:00 PM

Man v. Food Best Of

BBQ Bliss


7:30 PM

Man v. Food Best Of

Classic Comfort Food


8:00 PM

House Hunters International

Taking a Risk in San Salvador, El Salvador Taking a Risk in San Salvador, El Salvador

Utah residents BenJoe and Delena and their young family are headed to the El Salvadorian capital of San Salvador. Will they be able to find a furnished home for less than $1,300, or will they have to settle for what this traditional city has to offer?   TV-G

8:30 PM

House Hunters International

Reuniting in Barcelona, Spain Reuniting in Barcelona, Spain

Texas native Cassie is following her heart to live with her boyfriend in Barcelona, Spain. But the city’s old-world style presents a few challenges for her Texas-sized wants. Will she have to compromise on her ideals or pay the price to get everything she wants?  TV-G , CC

9:00 PM

Hotel Impossible

Rotting Woodstock Rotting Woodstock

Anthony visits historic Woodstock, NY, to get the struggling 35-room Woodstock Lodge back on its feet. But the owner's stubbornness and anger could force Anthony to leave before they can render any help at all.  TV-PG , CC

10:00 PM

Resort Rescue

Heart Attack Hotel Heart Attack Hotel

With hidden cameras placed all over the property, Shane sees employees treat the 120-year-old Almont Resort in Colorado like a living room. When he learns about the owner's heart attack, Shane realizes there's more at stake than the financial fate of the resort.  TV-PG , CC

11:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Chengdu Chengdu

Andrew visits Chengdu China, the epicenter of tongue-numbing, spicy Sichuan cuisine. Andrew finds out just how much heat he can stand by eating pig brains dunked in boiling chili oil, mind-blowing spicy rabbit heads and heart attack noodles.  TV-PG , CC

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