12:00 AM

Hotel Impossible

Rotting Woodstock Rotting Woodstock

Anthony visits historic Woodstock, NY, to get the struggling 35-room Woodstock Lodge back on its feet. But the owner's stubbornness and anger could force Anthony to leave before they can render any help at all.  TV-PG , CC

1:00 AM

Resort Rescue

Heart Attack Hotel Heart Attack Hotel

With hidden cameras placed all over the property, Shane sees employees treat the 120-year-old Almont Resort in Colorado like a living room. When he learns about the owner's heart attack, Shane realizes there's more at stake than the financial fate of the resort.  TV-PG , CC

2:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Chengdu Chengdu

Andrew visits Chengdu China, the epicenter of tongue-numbing, spicy Sichuan cuisine. Andrew finds out just how much heat he can stand by eating pig brains dunked in boiling chili oil, mind-blowing spicy rabbit heads and heart attack noodles.  TV-PG , CC

3:00 AM

House Hunters International

Taking a Risk in San Salvador, El Salvador Taking a Risk in San Salvador, El Salvador

Utah residents BenJoe and Delena and their young family are headed to the El Salvadorian capital of San Salvador. Will they be able to find a furnished home for less than $1,300, or will they have to settle for what this traditional city has to offer?   TV-G

3:30 AM

House Hunters International

Reuniting in Barcelona, Spain Reuniting in Barcelona, Spain

Texas native Cassie is following her heart to live with her boyfriend in Barcelona, Spain. But the city’s old-world style presents a few challenges for her Texas-sized wants. Will she have to compromise on her ideals or pay the price to get everything she wants?  TV-G , CC

9:00 AM

Extreme Houseboats

Extreme Houseboats 4 Extreme Houseboats 4

Take an endless vacation on the water, courtesy of a converted fishing vessel turned into a luxury spa, a secret luxury floating home with a $100,000 bathroom, and a converted warship restored to new glory.  TV-G , CC

10:00 AM

No Reservations

Cambodia Cambodia

Tony visited Cambodia 10 years ago with what he now views as a narrow perspective of the world. Now he sees the parallel between Cambodia's development since then and his own maturation and seeks to reconnect with this historically rich country.  TV-PG-DL , CC

11:00 AM

America's Scariest Halloween Attractions

America's Scariest Halloween Attractions 4 America's Scariest Halloween Attractions 4

From San Diego to Baltimore, thousands of haunted houses, dungeons and creepy trails open their gates to crowds of chill-seekers who pay good money to experience crazy characters, realistic animatronics and sheer terror up close and terrifyingly personal. Many of these multimillion-dollar attractions have been in the works since the day after last year's Halloween, and they draw in fright enthusiasts from across the country to experience America's Scariest Halloween Attractions.  TV-PG-V , CC

12:00 PM

Halloween Crazier

Halloween Crazier Halloween Crazier

Just when you thought it was safe, Halloween’s getting even crazier! We’re exploring the attractions and events that take this haunt-filled holiday over the top. Get ready to brave a freaky mental hospital on the open sea, compete in a pumpkin racecar derby and flee from zombies through an insane 5K obstacle course! No matter how you celebrate, one thing’s for sure: these Halloween favorites will leave you SCREAMING for more!  TV-PG , CC

1:00 PM

Halloween Craziest

Halloween Craziest Halloween Craziest

This special features the most terrifying, extreme and absolute best of what Halloween has to offer. From America's scariest, no-holds-barred haunted house in San Diego, to British Columbia's pumpkin drop celebration, each destination is more frightening and fun than the last!  TV-G , CC

2:00 PM

Food Paradise

Drive Thru Paradise Drive Thru Paradise

Buckle up for the hottest places for grub-to-go, from belly-busting burritos in San Diego and hot smokin' barbecue in Ohio to a beastly burger piled high with pastrami in Las Vegas.  TV-G , CC

3:00 PM

Food Paradise

Fried Chicken Paradise Fried Chicken Paradise

Indulge in a bucketful of crispy, finger lickin', fried chicken goodness! Sample fiery Memphis hot chicken, a wild red-velvet-battered bird and the original Kentucky fried classic!  TV-G , CC

4:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Minnesota Minnesota

Andrew takes viewers to the place he calls home: Minnesota. From sampling a deep-fried candy bar to eating the Scandinavian delicacy lutefisk, he shows us why Minnesota's traditional cuisine is far from ordinary.  TV-PG , CC

5:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Des Moines Des Moines

Adam Richman visits Des Moines, IA, for the Adam Emmenecker Challenge at Jethro's BBQ. He's got 15 minutes to finish the mammoth sandwich.  TV-G , CC

5:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Adam Richman visits Puerto Rico to take on the Vaca Acosta Challenge, an 8-lb. platter of grilled sirloin steak and sides. He also stops at Restaurante Raices and El Churry.  TV-G , CC

6:00 PM

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America Vol 6


7:00 PM

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America Vol 7


8:00 PM

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America


9:00 PM

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America 2


10:00 PM

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America: Vol 3


11:00 PM

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America Vol 4


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