12:00 AM

Toy Hunter

Chewy Mexico Toys Chewy Mexico Toys

Jordan heads over the border on the hunt for high-priced Mexican versions of American toys. He's looking to stock his inventory and also to pick up toys for “Chelsea Lately's” Chuy Bravo.   TV-G , CC

12:30 AM

Toy Hunter

Live and Let Play Live and Let Play

Jordan discovers a 1965 James Bond attache case that he's been trying to get his hands on for over a year. This "holy grail" piece is so rare that it can sell upwards of $3,500 in pristine condition, however there's a slight catch to Jordan's big find.  TV-G , CC

1:00 AM

Toy Hunter

Toy Touchdown Toy Touchdown

Jordan meets up with NFL star Israel Idonije at the C2E2 Convention in Chicago, IL, to help find a variety of action figures with different amounts of articulation, sizing and overall playability.  TV-G , CC

1:30 AM

Toy Hunter

Superhero Sanctuary Superhero Sanctuary

Jordan is on the hunt for superhero memorabilia to display at the Hall of Heroes museum in Elkhart, IN. Jordan hopes to impress the Hall of Heroes founder and land him as a new client, with a mint-condition 1946 Captain Marvel statue.  TV-G , CC

2:00 AM

Food Paradise

Hot & Spicy Paradise Hot & Spicy Paradise


3:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Venice Venice

Andrew visits the mystical city of Venice. He enjoys the food in the historic city while catching critters in the Lagoon, blowing Murano glass, and indulging in the best cicchetti in the world.  TV-PG , CC

9:00 AM

Dhani Jones



10:00 AM

No Reservations

Romania Romania

Tony and his friend Zamir are off on another adventure, this time to celebrate Zamir's 50th birthday in Romania, a land of vampire tales, Communist regimes and an intense culinary history.  TV-PG-L , CC

11:00 AM

Britain's Top Ten Castles and Palaces

Britain's Top Ten Castles and Palaces


12:00 PM

Castle Secrets & Legends

The Tichborne Claimant, Washington Resurrection, Loch Ness Hoax The Tichborne Claimant, Washington Resurrection, Loch Ness Hoax

Explore an English country estate that was at the heart of a bizarre inheritance dispute, tour a colonial mansion in Virginia with a grisly medical past, and visit the ruins of a Scottish castle.  TV-PG , CC

1:00 PM

Castle Secrets & Legends

The Black Dinner, Voynich Manuscript, Seward Attack The Black Dinner, Voynich Manuscript, Seward Attack

Visit a giant fortress in Scotland where a 15th-century power struggle climaxed, explore an Italian villa that housed a mysterious manuscript, and tour an upstate New York mansion that belonged to one of Abraham Lincoln's closest advisors.  TV-PG , CC

2:00 PM

Hotel Secrets & Legends

A Mad Scientist, Hollywood Scandal and an Outlaw's End A Mad Scientist, Hollywood Scandal and an Outlaw's End

On this episode, we uncover an FBI raid of a famous inventor's New York hotel room, find out the inspiration behind one of America's greatest horror novels, and a guestroom involved in the plot to assassinate an American President is revealed.  TV-PG , CC

4:00 PM


Prison Experiment and Butch Cassidy Manuscript Prison Experiment and Butch Cassidy Manuscript

Don investigates the sinister secrets to a child's rag doll, studies a blueprint that holds the key to a deadly engineering disaster, and he examines a journal that inspired a fascinating work of American literature.  TV-PG , CC

5:00 PM


East River Blowout and The Day it Rained Meat East River Blowout and The Day it Rained Meat

Host Don Wildman examines a piece of industrial machinery from the early 1900s, a glass medical jar containing a strange substance and a tattered shirt that is one of the last vestiges of a aviation anomaly.  TV-PG , CC

6:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Goa Goa

Andrew visits Goa, India's smallest state, known for its tropical attitude and miles of beautiful beaches. With a mix of Arabic, Portuguese and native influences, this is not the India you think you know, and the food is equally unique.  TV-PG , CC

7:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Richmond Richmond

Adam Richman travels to Richmond, VA, for some all-American eats. He visits Buz and Ned's for the best barbecue in Richmond, Black Sheep for battleship size sandwiches and finally to Caliente for the Stupid Wings Challenge.  TV-G , CC

7:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Philadelphia Philadelphia

Adam visits Philadelphia, PA, for a mouthwatering Italian roast pork sandwich, a massive ice cream concoction known as Mt. Vesuvius and the Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge at Tony Luke's.  TV-G , CC

8:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Eastern Australia Eastern Australia

Andrew goes snorkeling and spear fishing and visits a farm where they "pamper" their cattle. He makes a stop at the Sydney Fish Market where he samples bizarre food he's never tasted before, including Balamain Bugs, Flathead Fish and Spanner Crabs.  TV-PG , CC

9:00 PM


Cloaked in Secrecy Cloaked in Secrecy

Don Wildman inspects an ordinary uniform that played a surprising role in an infamous psychology experiment, a simple fabric swatch that ushered a colorful new era into the world of fashion and a pair of running shoes worn by an extraordinary athlete seeking Olympic redemption.  TV-PG , CC

10:00 PM

Hotel Secrets & Legends

Deceptive Doctor, Portland Underground, Civil War Smackdown Deceptive Doctor, Portland Underground, Civil War Smackdown

Hotel Secrets & Legends invites viewers to a hotel bar where unsuspecting patrons were forced into slave labor; the hotel hideout of escaped Wild West outlaws; the murder of a civil war general; and the exploration of an odd cave system.  TV-PG , CC

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