12:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Miami Miami

The blend of old world immigrants and new wave trendsetters are bringing a mix of flavors to Miami's multicultural cuisine. Andrew Zimmern samples roasted pig brains, salt cured fish eggs, and a fruit that feels like glass in the throat.  TV-G , CC

1:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Charleston Charleston

Andrew goes beyond the plantation tours to explore the food scene in Charleston. This is one trip through South Carolina you won’t want to miss. Andrew tastes the world’s greatest BBQ; takes an unforgettable journey on a clamming boat; and much more!  TV-G , CC

2:00 AM

Man v. Food Nation

Kansas City Kansas City

Adam Richman travels to the barbecue capital of America -- Kansas City, MO -- for the Ultimate Destroyer Challenge at Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que. This massive barbecue sandwich weighs in at 6-lbs.  TV-G , CC

2:30 AM

Man v. Food Nation

Tucson Tucson

Adam visits Tucson, AZ, to take on a huge platter of Mexican eats at Mi Nidito; a hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered in all the fixins; and the O.M.G. Burger Challenge at Lindy's Diner on 4th.  TV-G , CC

3:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Birmingham: The New South Birmingham:  The New South

There's more to Birmingham, AL, than barbecue and bread pudding. Here, Andrew discovers surprising Southern fare like bullfrog hearts with pea shoots and Greek grits that will make you slap your mama.  TV-PG , CC

9:00 AM

Don't Drive Here



10:00 AM

No Reservations

San Francisco San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of districts and contradictions, each one with its own quirks and flavors. Between Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury and Fisherman's Wharf, Tony really can't go wrong  TV-PG-DL , CC

11:00 AM

Extreme Parking

Extreme Parking: Sky Garage Extreme Parking: Sky Garage

Extreme Parking visits a luxury high-rise in New York City that offers the ultimate in parking convenience. Residents drive into an elevator and park their cars right outside the front door of their penthouse in the sky. In Australia, bikini clad, high-heeled meter maids walk the beat to keep tourists from getting parking tickets. Plus, a look at the worst parkers on the planet.  TV-PG , CC

12:00 PM

Extreme Parking

Extreme Parking: Robo Garage Extreme Parking: Robo Garage

In Southern California, Extreme Parking examines the first residential automated parking system that shuffles cars in and out of a garage with computerized precision. Plus, there is tiny town in Germany making big news with its "men-only" parking spots.  TV-PG , CC

1:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Cincinnati Cincinnati

Adam visits Cincinnati, OH to taste some extraordinary grilled cheese sandwiches and the famous Cincinnati chili over pasta. Finally, he helps guide a baseball coach in a 5-lbs. reuben sandwich food challenge.  TV-G , CC

1:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Dallas Dallas

Adam Richman is in Dallas, Texas to try a variety of authentic German sausages, some Texas-style brisket, and to guide the hungry member of Man V. Food Nation, Pete MacGillis, through the Super Pho Challenge at Sprouts SpringRoll & Pho.   TV-G , CC

2:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

St. Paul St. Paul

Adam is in St. Paul, MN sampling authentic Neapolitan pizza and a baked potato topped with every BBQ side. Finally, Adam coaches the youthful Jon Wolf to eat 2 spicy Juicy Lucy’s and 2-lbs. of fries in 45 minutes.  TV-G , CC

2:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation


Adam journeys the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, where he tastes fresh seafood and mouthwatering tacos. His trip ends in San Luis Obispo to educate local teacher Naader Reda in defeating the Brahma Bull Challenge.  TV-G , CC

3:00 PM

Food Paradise

Sturgis' Most Tasty Sturgis' Most Tasty

Phenomenal food in biker heaven, including a burly burger smothered in bourbon-soaked bacon and a smoky sweet ribs from a monster food truck.  TV-G , CC

4:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Alaska Alaska

It's part of the Alaskan culture to eat every part of every animal, and Andrew sits down to take a bite of everything in front of him, regardless of how it smells, including fermented fish heads, jellied moose nose, reindeer pizza and whitefish ice cream.  TV-PG , CC

5:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Charleston Charleston

Adam travels to Charleston for oysters served by the shovel, a fried chicken sandwich smothered in sausage gravy, and a spicy tuna sushi challenge.  TV-G , CC

5:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Minneapolis Minneapolis

Adam arrives in the Twin Cities, where he'll search for the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy -- the Minneapolis burger with the cheese on the inside.  TV-G , CC

6:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Uganda Uganda

Andrew travels to Uganda, known as the pearl of Africa, where the people are friendly and the food is simple. He hunts for a fish that lives on land, harvests flying ants, and sinks his teeth into the meat of a sugar cane rat.  TV-PG , CC

7:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

St. Louis St. Louis

Adam visits St. Louis to chow down on Monte Cristo hot dogs and a platter of bodacious barbecue; then he attempts to wash 'em all down with nearly a gallon of the best milkshake in town.  TV-G , CC

7:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Richmond Richmond

Adam Richman travels to Richmond, VA, for some all-American eats. He visits Buz and Ned's for the best barbecue in Richmond, Black Sheep for battleship size sandwiches and finally to Caliente for the Stupid Wings Challenge.  TV-G , CC

8:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Rhode Island Rhode Island

Andrew visits Rhode Island, where local eats are a blend of old traditions and high-tech creations. From the beloved quahog to monkfish liver mousse, the food in this tiny state is packed with flavor.  TV-PG , CC

9:00 PM

Big Time RV

500 Horsepower under $400K 500 Horsepower under $400K

Real estate moguls shop for an RV that meets their 500-horsepower high standards and suits their beloved puppy, all for under $400,000; an athletic family looks for a motorhome to match their mud-loving lifestyle; and a mom needs to prove she can drive a monster RV before her family can buy it.  TV-G , CC

9:30 PM

Big Time RV

A $700,000 Ride A $700,000 Ride

A budding sports agent searches for a mobile office with great gas mileage; a ballroom dancing couple looks to upgrade to an even bigger RV to accommodate their 10,000-mile shuffle across the country; and 2 pilots are ready to spend $700,000 on a luxury RV.  TV-G , CC

10:00 PM

Big Time RV

Million Dollar RV Million Dollar RV

A single father looks for a new camper to wow his daughter in time for her birthday; the Lazydays repair team races against the clock to make a major sale; and 2 best buds are on the hunt for a million dollar party pad on wheels.  TV-G , CC

10:30 PM

Big Time RV

Beds not Brawn Beds not Brawn

A couple searches for an RV to fit their growing family; young entrepreneurs look to trade in their RV for more space to take their business across the country; and a rock band searches for a new tour bus with more bathroom and living space.  TV-G , CC

11:00 PM

Big Time RV

Keeping Up With the Joneses RV Keeping Up With the Joneses RV

Lifelong friends and business partners try to outdo each other as they shop for upgraded RVs with more horsepower and top-of-the-line amenities. Elsewhere, a rock band is in desperate need of a new tour bus that can sleep 8 people, and has extra storage for their equipment.  TV-G , CC

11:30 PM

Big Time RV

A $100,000 Dishwasher A $100,000 Dishwasher

A couple is in the market for a luxury RV with a residential kitchen, but their favorite amenity may cost them an extra $100,000; best friends test out their new mobile workshop in hopes that it can haul all of their fishing gear; and a growing family is looking to overhaul their outdated kitchen and dining space.  TV-G , CC

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