12:00 AM

Hotel Impossible

Resort to Spanking Resort to Spanking

Anthony is in the beautiful lake town of Manson, WA, at the Mountain View Lodge. Facing a passive-aggressive owner with a lack of control in a struggling tourist town, Anthony has his work cut out for him at this summertime retreat.  TV-PG , CC

1:00 AM

Hotel Impossible

Swinging for the Fences Swinging for the Fences

Anthony is in full crisis mode when he finds out the 85-room Autoport Motel in State College, PA, is in foreclosure. With the hotel's swinging reputation and lack of management, can Anthony convince the bank that the Autoport is worth saving?  TV-PG , CC

2:00 AM

Hotel Impossible

Ocean Manor Resort: Fort Lauderdale, FL Ocean Manor Resort: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Anthony heads to Ocean Manor, the first high-rise resort in Fort Lauderdale. With a beachfront bar and sushi restaurant, it’s full of potential, but the filthy rooms are ruining the hotel’s chances of ever becoming successful.  TV-PG , CC

3:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Greece Greece

Andrew meets Greeks passionate about food in Athens and on the remote island of Kalymnos. He travels the country, tasting food rich in Greek history and culture. Andrew eats at the finest eateries and samples the best home-cooked meals.  TV-PG , CC

9:00 AM


Extreme Barhopping


10:00 AM


Extreme Truck Stops


11:00 AM

Big Time RV

Million Dollar RV Million Dollar RV

A single father looks for a new camper to wow his daughter in time for her birthday; the Lazydays repair team races against the clock to make a major sale; and 2 best buds are on the hunt for a million dollar party pad on wheels.  TV-G , CC

11:30 AM

Big Time RV

500 Horsepower under $400K 500 Horsepower under $400K

Real estate moguls shop for an RV that meets their 500-horsepower high standards and suits their beloved puppy, all for under $400,000; an athletic family looks for a motorhome to match their mud-loving lifestyle; and a mom needs to prove she can drive a monster RV before her family can buy it.  TV-G , CC

12:00 PM

Big Time RV

A $100,000 Dishwasher A $100,000 Dishwasher

A couple is in the market for a luxury RV with a residential kitchen, but their favorite amenity may cost them an extra $100,000; best friends test out their new mobile workshop in hopes that it can haul all of their fishing gear; and a growing family is looking to overhaul their outdated kitchen and dining space.  TV-G , CC

12:30 PM

Big Time RV

Keeping Up With the Joneses RV Keeping Up With the Joneses RV

Lifelong friends and business partners try to outdo each other as they shop for upgraded RVs with more horsepower and top-of-the-line amenities. Elsewhere, a rock band is in desperate need of a new tour bus that can sleep 8 people, and has extra storage for their equipment.  TV-G , CC

1:00 PM

Extreme RVs

Powerhouse, John Force's Race Trailer, Unimog Powerhouse, John Force's Race Trailer, Unimog

Powerhouse Coach builds one of the greenest RVs on the planet; Featherlite introduces the very first and very latest in fifth-wheel technology; and an RV built by Unimog conquers Colorado.  TV-G , CC

2:00 PM

Extreme RVs

Hemphill Van, Space-Age Camper, Tyrese's Custom RV Hemphill Van, Space-Age Camper, Tyrese's Custom RV

Hemphill Brothers Coach Co. completes a $2 million tour bus; then it's off to the desert for pro racer Patrick Clark's fully customized toy hauler; and Tyrese Gibson shows off his personally designed sprinter RV.  TV-G , CC

3:00 PM

Extreme Survival Bunkers

Extreme Survival Bunkers Extreme Survival Bunkers

Be it a traditional shelter that doubles as a man cave, a super- reinforced subterranean tower or a top- secret luxury bunker, our concerned survivalists provide a safe -haven of comfort and sustainability with the aim to save the next generation in case the worst happens.  TV-PG , CC

4:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Kansas City Kansas City

Adam Richman travels to the barbecue capital of America -- Kansas City, MO -- for the Ultimate Destroyer Challenge at Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que. This massive barbecue sandwich weighs in at 6-lbs.  TV-G , CC

4:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Minneapolis Minneapolis

Adam arrives in the Twin Cities, where he'll search for the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy -- the Minneapolis burger with the cheese on the inside.  TV-G , CC

5:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Indianapolis Indianapolis

Adam Richman visits Indianapolis, IN, home of racing's legendary Indy 500 and some of the best food at the crossroads of America. His challenge? The Big Ugly Burger Challenge at Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream.  TV-G , CC

5:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Brooklyn Brooklyn

Adam returns to his hometown of Brooklyn, NY, for a burger topped with roast beef, Brooklyn's best Sicilian pie and a grudge match against some of the Empire State's spiciest wings at Buffalo Cantina.  TV-G , CC

6:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Ann Arbor Ann Arbor

Adam Richman heads to Ann Arbor, MI, for stacked burgers and some of the best deli sandwiches in the state. Watch Adam tackle the 5-lb. Mount Nacheesmo Challenge at Tio's Mexican Cafe.  TV-G , CC

6:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Cleveland Cleveland

Adam Richman travels to Cleveland, OH, for a Greek gyro bursting with savory beef, a spicy sausage sandwich and a 5-lb. grilled cheese challenge at Melt Bar & Grilled.  TV-PG , CC

7:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Anchorage Anchorage

Adam visits Alaska for a massive sandwich at West Rib Café and Pub; a mountainous breakfast at Talkeetna Roadhouse; and a monstrous challenge: the 6-lb. Kodiak Arrest at Humpy's Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage.  TV-G , CC

7:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Baltimore Baltimore

Adam's search for the best grub in the US takes him to Baltimore, MD, for some pit beef, blue crabs and the Great Steak Challenge.  TV-G , CC

8:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

The Feast Special The Feast Special

From the original Thanksgiving dinner to an Amish spread, Adam explores the nation for the best places to dig into hearty helpings of family style feasts.   TV-G , CC

9:00 PM

Booze Traveler

Turkey is Stirring Turkey is Stirring

Beer, rebellion, soccer, Islam and fiery brandy stir modern Turkey. Although drinking is highly restricted, Turks drink defiantly and patriotically across the country, from bustling city streets to ancient islands. Jack Maxwell finds that every glass comes with a very big twist.  TV-PG , CC

10:00 PM

Food Paradise

Food Paradise: Manliest Restaurants Food Paradise: Manliest Restaurants


11:00 PM

Food Paradise

Bar Food Paradise Bar Food Paradise


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