12:00 AM

Underground BBQ Challenge

Austin: Dripping Springs vs. North Loop Austin: Dripping Springs vs. North Loop

Host G. Garvin heads to Austin, TX, to meet rocker David and cowboy Chris. Both teams must grill brisket, present a menu that represents their neighborhoods, and ultimately "wow" the judges to win the grand prize of $10,000!  TV-G , CC

1:00 AM

Food Paradise

BBQ Paradise 3 BBQ Paradise 3

Prepare yourself for the nation's tastiest BBQ, including beef ribs in Austin, TX, smoky chicken baptized in a tangy white sauce in Alabama and a melt-in-your-mouth smoked brisket in Houston, TX.  TV-G , CC

2:00 AM

Man v. Food Nation

Kansas City Kansas City

Adam Richman travels to the barbecue capital of America -- Kansas City, MO -- for the Ultimate Destroyer Challenge at Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que. This massive barbecue sandwich weighs in at 6-lbs.  TV-G , CC

2:30 AM

Man v. Food Nation

Des Moines Des Moines

Adam Richman visits Des Moines, IA, for the Adam Emmenecker Challenge at Jethro's BBQ. He's got 15 minutes to finish the mammoth sandwich.  TV-G , CC

3:00 AM

Bizarre Foods

Detroit Detroit

Andrew finds out if it is food that keeps Detroit’s motor running. Andrew visits Motown and gets revved up about tasting some of the city’s food, including iconic soul food and lamb brain sandwiches, in the heart of Arab America.  TV-G , CC

9:00 AM

World's Most Extreme Homes

Canadian Underground Home, Casa Los Andes, Miso Barrel One


9:30 AM

World's Most Extreme Homes

Costa Rica Tree House


10:00 AM

Travel Testers

Travel Testers


11:00 AM


Extreme Terror Rides: Death-Defying Drops


12:00 PM


Extreme Waterparks


1:00 PM

Xtreme Waterparks

Getting Wet in Summer Camp Getting Wet in Summer Camp

Xtreme Waterparks: Getting Wet in Summer Camp visits the fastest waterslide loop on Earth in Switzerland, America's only ski ramp inspired "slip and fly" in Ohio; a $1.2 million dollar, 360-degree rush in Alabama and more.  TV-G , CC

1:30 PM

Xtreme Waterparks

Getting Wet in Malaysia Getting Wet in Malaysia

Xtreme Waterparks: Getting Wet in Malaysia takes you to a 70-degree drop that is terrorizing the south, we get you wet in the world's first 5D water ride, take you to a 6-story slide that blasts riders down in a heart-stopping 15 seconds and more!  TV-G , CC

2:00 PM

Xtreme Waterparks

Getting Wet in the Jungle Getting Wet in the Jungle

Xtreme Waterparks: Getting Wet in the Jungle, barrels down the world's tallest trap door waterslide in Spain, plunge down a 100-foot homemade waterslide in Minnesota, visit Dubai's 130-foot, billion-dollar slide tower and much more!  TV-G , CC

2:30 PM

Xtreme Waterparks

Getting Wet in Cancun Getting Wet in Cancun

Xtreme Waterparks: Getting Wet in Cancun visits Cancun to hang 147 feet above the jungle floor, then it's off to New England to test out the first trap door waterslide in the world, Poland's record-breaking 610-feet-long, 41-second tube slide and more.  TV-G , CC

3:00 PM

Food Paradise

Seafood Paradise Seafood Paradise

Food Paradise is shelling out boatloads of America's best seafood, including jumbo lump crab cakes in Maryland, heaping helpings of crawfish in Louisiana, and a loaded seafood tower in Malibu.  TV-G , CC

4:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

Join Andrew Zimmern in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago where if it swims, slithers or scampers, it's on the menu. Andrew bags a few reptiles to make curried iguana and dumplings.  TV-PG , CC

5:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Baseball Baseball

Adam Richman visits 3 baseball stadiums known for serving up the most delicious and unique ballpark grub in the country.  TV-G , CC

5:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Long Island Long Island

Adam Richman heads to Long Island, NY, where he visits Ciao Baby and International Delight Café before taking on the Davey Jones' Locker Challenge at the Port Royal Grille in Islip.  TV-G , CC

6:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Singapore Singapore

Andrew heads to Singapore to experience the diversity of food and culture. The melting pot is seen everywhere, including the hawker stalls where Andrew samples tasty treats.  TV-PG , CC

7:00 PM

Insane Coaster Wars

Splintering Speedsters Splintering Speedsters

Wooden coasters shake, rattle and roll riders like a runaway train. Which coaster will turn their competition into kindling - Ohio's Beast, Tennessee's Thunderhead, Indiana's Voyage, or New Jersey's El Toro? Wooden coasters have been a staple thrill ride in virtually every theme park across the country for decades. Now, four of the most rip-roaring wooden coasters have been chosen to compete in one timber-shredding category called Splintering Speedsters! They will shake, rattle and roll you right out of your seat as they thunder through savage turns and rumble around ferocious bends like a runaway train! Experience the thrill of the longest wooden roller coaster in the country on The Beast at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, twist and turn through a maze of timber on Thunderhead at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, take a whirlwind tour of the new world on The Voyage at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, and saddle up for the ride of your life on El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Fans all across the country have voted and we will find out which bark-built coaster has the most bite!  TV-G , CC

7:30 PM

Insane Coaster Wars

Extreme Heights Extreme Heights

Terrifyingly tall coasters will take you to Extreme Heights! Which will tower above the competition - Carolina's Intimidator, Cedar Point's Millennium Force, Ohio's Diamondback, or New Jersey's Kingda Ka? Get ready for lift off!  TV-G , CC

8:00 PM

Bizarre Foods

Hawaii Hawaii

Andrew heads to Hawaii, going beyond the typical tourist destinations to sample authentic Hawaiian cuisine, including poi, octopus, wild boar organs and a local favorite: Spam.  TV-PG , CC

9:00 PM

American Grilled

Floribbean Flames Floribbean Flames

Four killer grillers from the beautiful coastal city of Jacksonville, FL, battle it out to win the $10,000 prize. Brian, Jeff, Alex and Obie must only use local ingredients like frog legs, stone crabs and chayote squash.  TV-PG , CC

10:00 PM

BBQ Crawl

Oklahoma Sauce, Smokers and Cherokee Strip Cookoff Oklahoma Sauce, Smokers and Cherokee Strip Cookoff

Danielle gets sauced in the sauce empire of the US -- Ponca City, OK. She chows down on half a chicken and brisket, and then loads up on smoker essentials. Finally, she competes for the first time at the Cherokee Strip Cook-off … alone.  TV-G

10:30 PM

BBQ Crawl

Po Boys, Shrimpin', Trawlin' and BBQ Crawin' Po Boys, Shrimpin', Trawlin' and BBQ Crawin'

The BBQ Diva hits up New Orleans to feast on shrimp and pork belly, and goes shrimpin' with the best shrimp trawler down South. Then, she competes in the Jim Bowie BBQ Throwdown with her "brother from another mother."  TV-G

11:00 PM

Man v. Food Nation

New Jersey New Jersey

Adam heads to New Brunswick, NJ, for the massive triple-decker deli sandwiches, 2-lb Stromboli and the legendary Fat Sandwich Challenge at R.U. Hungry grease truck.  TV-G , CC

11:30 PM

Man v. Food Nation

Salt Lake City Salt Lake City

Adam Richman heads west to Salt Lake City, UT, for a pastrami-topped cheeseburger, a Belgian sausage sandwich and the spicy Hellfire Challenge at Kobe Sushi.  TV-G , CC

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