Sandwich Report Card: Heart-Stopping BLT

Heart Stopping BLT

In the Midwest, 3 sandwiches go head-to-head for a chance to be the regional champ. The last of these is the Heart-Stopping BLT from Crown Candy Kitchen. Get the facts on this contender and the recipe so you can make it at home.

Heart-Stopping BLT

Where to Find It:
Crown Candy's Kitchen
1401 Saint Louis Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63106

Crown Candy Kitchen was opened in 1913 by Harry Karandzieff and his best friend Pete Jugaloff. They brought their candy-making skills from Greece and opened family-friendly restaurant where their creations could be enjoyed. During the early 50’s Harry’s son George took the business over and today his 3 sons -- Andy, Tommy and Mike -- run the business.

BITE Score Rating:

B - Simple white bread nicely toasted
I - Let's talk about proportions: there's a pig in every sandwich.
T- Taste is incredible; it's everything you love in a classic BLT.
E- It immediately reminds you of home, your favorite diner or lunch counter.

Results: Defeated by Al's Italian Beef Sandwich


* 2 pieces of White Toast
* 12 pieces of Oscar Meyer Pork Bacon
* 2-3 slices of Tomato
* 3-4 nice size pieces of Lettuce
* Miracle Whip

* Assemble the bacon, lettuce and tomato on white toast.
* Add a smear of Miracle Whip.

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