Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America Pictures

Adam Richman travels throughout the US to find the best sandwich and meets a variety of restaurant owners along the way.
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Adam visits The Fifty/50 in Chicago where chef Scott Weiner creates a 4-courser sandwich for him.

Another stop on Adam's quest brings him to Faidley Seafood in Baltimore.

Adam wonders if this crab cake sandwich is the best in America. Hmm, guess time will tell.

Faidley Seafood owners Nancy and Bill Devine try to convince Adam that their crab cakes are the best.

Adam and the W Hotel's chef Philippe Reininger whip up one of the hotel's famous club sandwiches.

Adam also visits Zunzi's in Savannah, GA, where international flavors are inspired by the owners' diverse backgrounds.

Time-Out Restaurant employee Maria J. Hernandez prepares the restaurant's signature chicken cheddar biscuit.

Adam poses with Time-Out's owner Eddie Williams and the chicken cheddar biscuit.

In Nashville, TN, Adam visits Mitchell Delicatessen, which is known for its high-quality food.

Owner David Mitchell prepares Mitchell Delicatessen's signature sandwich, the Asian flank steak sandwich, for Adam to taste.

Inside Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market, Tommy DiNic’s roast pork and beef creations are culinary masterpieces.

Employee John Mooney prepares a DiNic's signature sandwich.

Katz's has been New York's most famous deli since 1888, recreating the flavors of the old world.

Chef Chris Pacelli prepares Al's signature Italian beef sandwich, a favorite in Chicago.

Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa, FL, serves up a killer grouper Reuben sandwich which is popular with locals.

Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. has 20 mega-sized sandwiches on the menu -- so multiple visits are in order.

Crown Candy Kitchen has one of America's oldest surviving soda fountains. Crown Candy's homemade malts, sundaes and chocolate candy have been legendary in St. Louis for generations.

Adam and Crown Candy Kitchen owner Andy Karandzieff admire the restaurant's BLT, a bacon lover's dream.