Best Sandwich in America: Midwest Pictures

Adam travels to the Midwest in search of the best sandwich. Starting in Chicago and making his way to St. Louis, Adam must decide among 3 classics.
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Adam heads to the Midwest to rate sandwiches at culinary landmarks in Chicago and St Louis.

Though St. Louis is known for steaks, Italian food and BBQ, Adam visits the Gateway City to try one specific sandwich.

The Crown Candy Kitchen has one of America's oldest surviving soda fountains. Crown Candy's homemade malts, sundaes and chocolate candy have been legendary in St. Louis for generations.

Adam visits Crown Candy Kitchen for their classic sandwich the Heart-Stopping BLT. This sandwich takes the BLT to a whole new level with a mountain of thick-sliced crisp bacon that is sure to fulfill every bacon lover's dream!

Al’s Beef is a culinary landmark in Chicago; it's been serving the No.#1 Italian beef sandwich in the Windy City since 1938.

Al's Beef was started by Al Ferreri, his sister Frances and her husband, Chris Pacelli, Sr. They created the sandwiches during the Great Depression when meat was hard to come by. Thinly slicing the beef allowed Al and Chris to make more sandwiches with the meat they had.

Chef Chris Pacelli puts the final touches on the eatery's signature sandwich, Al's Italian beef. He then shows Adam the proper Italian stance to eat it.

On Al's Italian beef sandwich, the tender beef is topped with sweet peppers and crunchy pickled veggies called giardiniera, and put on an Italian roll. Can it take the Midwest regional title?

Adam's other Chicago stop is at the restaurant and bar Fifty/50. He meets with co-owner Scott Weiner to check out their 4-courser sandwich.

Fifty/50 was created by Scott and his business partner Greg Mohr. They met while working in a seafood restaurant in Chicago and combined their ideas for the ultimate bar and restaurant.

Fifty/50 has 3 levels, 2 bars and a menu full of secret sauces and recipes.

Fifty/50 co-owner Scott Weiner looks on as Adam prepares to try the restaurant's signature offering, the 4-courser sandwich.

The 4-courser sandwich has smoked pulled pork with a gouda béchamel sauce, pickles, jalapeño chips, sweet potato chips with BBQ sauce and a waffle-ized macaroni and cheese, all between a smoked pretzel bun. Will it be the regional champ?