Best Sandwich in America: Northwest Pictures

Adam's Best Sandwich search brings him to the Northwest where he rates an oxtail sandwich, a roast beef sandwich stuffed with fries and a pork belly Cubano.
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Adam visits Big-Ass Sandwiches so owner Brian Wood can make him the food truck's roast beef sandwich.

Big-Ass Sandwiches is one of the newer food trucks on the streets of Portland, OR. Brian and Lisa Wood created a menu filled with hearty sandwiches stuffed with home-roasted meats and homemade ingredients.

The roast beef sandwich has slow-cooked roast beef and hand-cut french fries piled onto a ciabatta roll and covered with homemade béchamel sauce. Can this sandwich be a contender for the Northwest title?

Adam heads to Seattle to visit Salumi, a restaurant owned by chef Mario Batali's family. Started by Armandino Batali, the restaurant is now run by his daughter Gina.

One of the restaurant's signature dishes is the oxtail sandwich. It's not served every day, but when it is, people line up around the corner for a taste of the tender meat.

At Salumi everything is cured in-house, as the Batali family is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the handmade food traditions of Italy and the Mediterranean. Marilyn Batali makes some gnocchi in the window of the restaurant.

Gina calls the restuarant's oxtail sandwich "a crazy mess" but worth the 20 hours it takes to prepare it. Will it be the Northwest regional champ?

Adam visits Bunk Sandwiches in Portland, OR, for a taste of its unique sandwiches.

Bunk Sandwiches does a unique twist on the classic Cubano: Instead of the traditional roast pork, the restaurant uses pork belly.

Bunk Sandwiches is owned and operated by friends and sandwich aficionados Thomas Habetz and Nick Wood. They make Adam one of their pork belly Cubanos.

Will the pork belly Cubano beat out the oxtail sandwich and Big-Ass roast beef sandwich? Watch and find out.