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Miami International Airport will feature an unprecedented cross section of exciting airport staff who struggle to stay afloat as they deal with the stresses of getting 100,000 strangers through the airport safely every day. But navigating big tasks and solving difficult problems can be incredibly challenging. And with this group of intense personalities, anything can happen.

See behind-the-scenes photos from Airport 24/7, and watch exclusive video of the airport drama.

1. Albert Cordeschi AKA "Ramp Ringleader"

Albert Cordeschi is Mr. Miami. He is smooth, confident and full of Latin flavor, but when it comes to his ramp duties, he means business. He and his behind-the-scenes team are the unsung heroes of the airport – responsible for bringing in the airplanes to the gates, loading and off-loading luggage and cargo, fueling planes, removing the waste and many other details that keep planes coming and going.

2. Chris "Stretch" Rutledge AKA "MIA's Gentle Giant"

Chris “Stretch” Rutledge is a proud member of the Miami-Dade Police Department and has been protecting the people and streets of MIA for 16 years. Rutledge works landside at MIA. His main job is to keep the thousands of daily visitors safe, facilitate traffic and have a good time while he’s doing it.

3. Darius Bradshaw AKA "Mr. Cool"

Darius Bradshaw wakes up every day not knowing what he is going to find at work; no 2 days are ever alike. But Darius’ contagious laugh would lead you to believe that dealing with dozens of emergencies a day doesn’t get to him, and he tries not to let it. This multi-tasking champion deals with anything from a slip-and-fall on the escalator to an airline with 300 passengers on board arriving with no landing gear! His positive attitude keeps MIA employees cool when things get hot.

4. Dickie Davis AKA "First Lady of MIA"

Dickie Davis has been at MIA for 39 years and manages hundreds of employees. While Davis has been at the airport the longest, she hasn’t lost any enthusiasm for her job. She is the sweet cheerleader of the airport, but turns on a dime and will stop you in your tracks with “the look” if things aren’t done just right. She is technically responsible for anything and everything within the air-conditioned space of MIA.

5. Ericka Middleton AKA "The Charmer"

Don’t let Ericka Middleton’s smile fool you -- as a security agent at MIA, she takes her position very seriously. She’s always keeping one eye out for travelers’ safety and the other eye out for trouble. Middleton’s primary responsibility is to patrol the terminal for suspicious and unusual behavior, all while focusing on customer service.

6. Heidi Anthony AKA “Your Princess in Shining Armor"

Heidi Anthony has been working at Miami International Airport for over 20 years. A self-proclaimed “sucker” for helping people, Heidi has been known to buy a meal for a stranded passenger. Heidi is equipped to handle any passenger problem, from tracking down a lost child to racing a passenger through security so they can make their flight.

7. Ken Pyatt AKA "The Boss"

Ken Pyatt is the Deputy Director for Operations at MIA and has been working in aviation since the age of 20. Pyatt was practically born into aviation, his father worked in the industry for 30 years and his mother worked for American Overseas Airways during WWII. At Miami International Airport, he is responsible for areas such as maintenance, operations, security and communications. With over 900 employees and a budget in excess of $100 million, Pyatt faces numerous challenges every day. But this veteran is always up to the task.

8. Lauren Stover AKA "Supreme Queen of Security"

Lauren Stover is the Assistant Aviation Director in charge of Public Safety, Security and Communications for MIA and Miami-Dade County’s system of airports. Stover is the first woman in the history of Miami International Airport to direct the airport’s day-to-day Security and to coordinate the government agencies, like the Department of Homeland Security and Police and Fire Rescue operations. A self-described “Corvette-driving, fast-talking, Harley-riding girl,” Stover’s wit and unique style make her unforgettable.

9. Tony Cooper AKA "The Mayor"

Tony Cooper is a fixture at MIA. He can make anyone smile, no matter what the crisis, and he deals with everything from passenger problems to leaky ceilings. Tony can tell you stories about finding bricks of dope, kilos of coke and even a bomb. But the craziest story is the day he found a human torso in a locker. For Tony, MIA isn’t just a job; it’s part of his DNA.
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