Karl Comes Home

"An Idiot Abroad" follows the misadventures of highly reluctant British traveler Karl Pilkington as he's dispatched to exotic spots around the globe by comedians (and friendly tormentors) Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Now Karl returns to London after surviving his trips to the Seven Wonders of the World and shares his experiences directly with Ricky and Steve, while getting grilled by them on whether he learned anything... anything at all. Over bonus footage of all his hilarious stops, Karl reveals his newfound, if not profound, insights ("Most of the world is grim. It's hard to let people know how bad it is."), reflects on cultural differences around the world ("I thought street food meant you have chefs on the street cooking food. They don't mean that. It's street food: whatever's crawling around on the street they grab and eat."), and shares his impressions of the people he's met ("Mental... proper mental."). Karl reminisces about the dangers he's faced and reveals that when he was kidnapped in Israel his life did not, in fact, flash before his eyes because "I had a bag over me head... I couldn't see a thing." Karl wonders, "Is anywhere safe?" and surmises that, "if Louis Armstrong had seen what I've seen... he wouldn't have written What a Wonderful World." Karl relives the moment when he emerged from the Amazon and was told the show title was being changed from Karl Pilkington's Seven Wonders to An Idiot Abroad. Ricky and Steve try to tempt Karl into doing a second series. Karl takes one last trip, this time local, as he recreates one of his favorite childhood vacations: staying at a holiday park in Wales. Unfortunately, it's not as great as he remembered and he worries that seeing the world might have ruined him for the simpler things: "Have I sort of messed up the fact that I used to like simple things and now... if Susanne books a holiday, I'll be going 'Never mind. Forget having a swim in the pool... where's the local tribe?'"
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