Andrew Zimmern Goes to Berlin

Though Andrew Zimmern is of German ancestry and has visited the country many times, many parts are a "mystery" to him. In Andrew Zimmern's Driven by Food , he explores the country's capital of Berlin with two cab drivers, one from each side of the formerly divided city. 

Back to the Motherland

Andrew Zimmern, who has German ancestry, has been to Germany a half-dozen times, but the east side is a "mystery" to him. Two Berlin cab drivers, one from the east and and one from the west, show him the best of Berlin.

Berlin by Bike

Cab driver Mattias, from the west side, gets ready with Andrew for their bike tour of Berlin.

Berlin Sky

The TV Tower is visible from most parts of Berlin. 

The Brandenburg Gate

One of Berlin's most well known monuments, the Gate is located in the western part of the city. 

Berlin's Artistry

Pieces like this one from artist Kani Alavi can be found at Berlin's East Side Gallery. 

Skate Surfing

A longboard outfitted with a windsurfing sail, skate surfing is a popular pastime in Berlin. 

Pit Stop

Andrew and cab driver Harald stop at an asparagus field on the way to Harald's house.

Home-Cooked Meal

Andrew's driver Harald invites him over for dinner at his house with his mother, Paula.

Buttermilk Soup

Andrew Zimmern serves himself a bowl of traditional Pomeranian buttermilk soup made by cab driver Harald's mother.


Freshly smoked eels at Rogaki deli in Berlin.

Soup's Up

Homemade potato soup at Kneipe Kasiske in Berlin.

Right Off the Rotisserie

A doner kebab and french fries from Bagdad Bistro in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

As Fresh as It Gets

Andrew and his driver Mattias go behind the scenes at Rogacki in Berlin with a fresh wolf fish.

Berlin's Delis

Freshly smoked fish at Rogacki deli in Berlin.

Berlin's Burgers

Andrew and cab driver Mattias check out Burgermeister in Kreuzberg.

Berlin's Burgers

Andrew and cab driver Mattias eat a burger and fries at Burgermeister in Kreuzberg.


A burger and french fries from Burgermeister in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Berlin's Cafe Bites

Pastries at a small cafe near the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

The Wurst

Curry wurst from Curry 36 in Berlin.

Andrew in the Kitchen

Andrew works in the kitchen at Fruhsammers.

Well Deserved Dinner

Andrew and cab driver Harald share a laugh in the front of the house at Fruhsammers in Berlin.


An hors d'oeuvre from Fruhsammers in Berlin.

Looking Sharp

Andrew, a knife enthusiast himself, watches knives being sharpened at Holzapfel in Berlin.

A Relaxing Dip

Andrew and cab driver Harald share a laugh at Stadtbad Mitte, one of Berlin's many indoor swimming pools.

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