Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 3

The best of Anthony Bourdain's Hemisphere trips in The Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 3, in which he further explores Egypt and Mozambique. He smokes shisha, sucks on giant crayfish and relaxes with a beer and piri piri.

Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 2

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Eastern Hemisphere trips in The Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 2, in which he further explores Australia and Egypt. In Melbourne, Tony and his friend Matt head to Sydney Street, a bustling shopping district filled with immigrant restaurants and markets. They sample fresh Middle Eastern food and delicious lamb kebabs. Tony spends the next morning walking around Melbourne's Chinatown with Tony Tam, a local chef and food writer. Dainty Sichuan, a popular local restaurant, is a wonderful example of authentic Sichuan food. Tony Tam takes Tony to enjoy some delicious, spicy favorites from southwestern China. Then, Tony and some chef friends gather for a stereotypically Australian pastime: the barbie. On a rooftop overlooking the Parliament building, they feast on shrimp, wagyu beef, succulent lamb, and fresh vegetables. Paul Wilson takes Tony to the Royal Mail, a culinary wonderland in a tiny countryside farming town outside of Melbourne. Chef Dan Hunter gives Tony a tour of the restaurant's garden before cooking a delicious lunch of locally-grown ingredients. They enjoy fresh vegetables, fresh calamari, kingfish, and pigeon, and a variety of other home-grown specialties. In Sydney, Tony finds himself at Gardel's bar, listening to music by indie artist Lanie Lane. Gardel's is followed by one of the hottest restaurants in town, Porteno. At Porteno, Tony dines on blood sausage, pig's head, and slow-roasted lamb ribs, skin and shoulder. In an effort to avoid the lines of tour buses snaking their way to the Sphynx and Pyramids in Egypt, Tony visits with the locals to get a taste for what it means to be Egyptian. He hits the streets to sample koshary, a local delicacy in Cairo. Then, he heads to the open desert with a group of Bedouin men to kill and cook a goat, then sleep under the stars.

Asia Files - Volume 6

The best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in The Asia Files - Vol. 6, in which he further explores China, Japan and Sri Lanka. He devours a fried pork chop bun, dines on crab curry and monkfish, then takes shots of coconut liquor.

Las Vegas

On assignment and with deadline looming for a major food magazine, Tony's got four days to cover the "very best" of the new chef-centric Las Vegas. He visits The Double Down, Bouchon, El Sombrero, Beauty Bar, Freemont Street and much more.


Tony gets to know a little bit about the lives of the city's working class. Explore the varied ethnic communities that contribute to the pulse of Paris.

NYC: Outer Boroughs

Tony Bourdain knows the jungles of Malaysia better than what's just outside his Manhattan... and he enlists some locals to help him explore NYC's five boroughs. There's no better way to discover the cultures of a city than to sample the ethnic cuisines.


Anthony Bourdain has come to Brittany to experience not only the cuisine, but also both the ancient cultures and traditions that have influenced this area as well as the achievements of the contemporaries that define it today.

Silence of the Lamb

From nose to tail, Tony's eating lamb in all its delicious forms. He bites into brain in red wine sauce & sphincter sausage in Austria, and rips apart a lamb, caveman style, in Greece. Then he slurps down lamb noodles in NYC.

Between the Buns

Bread, meat, repeat. Tony bites into a foie gras dog in Chicago, his definition of hotdog perfection. Then examines the finest kind of beef in NYC and inserts a polish sausage into a tunnel of toppings in Hawaii.

No Reservations

Not everything is located on a map. Tony visits communities found only by GPS, leading him off the beaten path. Tony explores a bit of Mexico's history, traveling down river just as the Aztecs did hundreds of years ago. At the end of an isolated canal, Tony stumbles upon Diego, living on the Island of the Dolls. It's a weirdly creepy wonderland of headless doll bodies, doll heads, and various body parts strewn throughout the trees. The dolls were hung years ago by Diego's uncle who lived there alone. He thought the dolls would protect him from the ghost of a dead girl who roamed his little island. These days, Diego makes his living by showing people around his strange yet happy home. Tony heads to Hawaii, home to the most active volcano on the planet - Kilauea. And Kilauea is home to Jack Thompson. When the rest of the volcano-side community left after the threat of lava flow, Jack remained behind, content with the solitude. During Tony's visit, Jack reveals that he is satisfied with the peace and quiet he has every day but that it's days like these, when he gets visitors, that make him really happy. He believes in destiny and wants to stay here 'til the end. Unfortunately for Jack, the end came too soon as he was forcibly removed from his home just a few weeks after Tony's visit, sparing him from the impending lava at the hand of 'Mother Pele,' the fire goddess. In Isla Grande, Panama, Tony visits US-appointed ex-dictator Noriega's home, normally closed to the public. Rumored to have been involved in Santeria, among the usual claims of torture and murder, Noriega ruled the country from 1983 to 1989, and then he was ousted by the very forces that appointed him. Tony eagerly waits as the rusted locks to the estate are opened, only to find a modest house succumbing to the ravages of humidity and time, prompting him to recall Arendt's writings on the "banality of evil."

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