Brittany's reputation as one of France's most alluring culinary corners has lured Anthony Bourdain here to uncover its succulent secrets.

From This Episode

Tony and Olivier Roellinger walk to the shore. 960 1280


Tony and Olivier Roellinger tour the grounds of Les Maisons de Bricourt in Cancale, France. 960 1280


Alex Lowry films pigs at the Brigitte Lapage farm. 960 1280


Sample of dishes at Olivier Roellinger's Chateau Richeux. 960 1280


Tony and Olivier sample a cup of cream. 960 1280


Shooting at the Port of Doelan. 960 1280


Zach Zamboni gets a tight shot of the river in the small town of Quimperie. 960 1280


Todd shoots Tony being served at Chez Jacky by Sylviane Noblet. 960 1280


Capturing close-ups of the battlefield aftermath that was Tony's meal. 960 1280


Me, Alex, Todd, Olivier, Zach - we unconsciously color coordinated to match the environment. It really is blue, isn't it? 960 1280


Pork porn. Artisanal pates, rillettes, sausages, boudins and rillettes. 960 1280


Producer Alex Lowry contemplates her poor choice of footwear for shoooting in an oyster park at low tide. 960 1280


I contemplate my long anticipated shellfish tower. 960 1280


Todd, Zach and me, after joining the road company of Mummenschanz -- or is that "schvantz"? 960 1280


The battlefield -- after the three of us have had our fill of shellfish. 960 1280


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