Harbin, China

Tony arrives in the dead of winter in Harbin, China, a season that defines the Dongbei people and the nature of their cuisine. Tony samples hearty stews, mountains of dumplings and the sharp flavors of pickled and preserved vegetables.

From This Episode

Manchurian pork porn. 960 1280


Cold, cold, cold in Harbin. 960 1280


Emmy-award-winning cinematographer Todd Liebler and I saddle up for a ski scene. Todd gets to ski backwards without poles. 960 1280


Chicken feet on ice. Just what you want and need when you're frozen to the marrow and can't feel your fingers. 960 1280


Group shot ... The Harbin Village People. 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain and Alan Wong explore the back roads of Harbin, China. 960 1280


Tony and Alan sit down for a mid-day snack of meatballs at Zhang Fei Pa Rou (Meatball and Pork Restaurant). 960 1280


A close-up of a variety of fresh fish at the Harbin Market. 960 1280


A bundled up Todd Liebler records Tony in downtown Harbin. 960 1280


Zack Zamboni sets up the lighting in preparation for the next scene. 960 1280


Tony, Alan and cowboy Jia JiHai discuss life in Harbin over a beer at USA Bucks Bar. 960 1280


A frigid Tony works with Zack and Todd to get the perfect shot. 960 1280


Jia and Jia's girlfriend Khuzina take Tony to a popular spot for ice fishing. 960 1280


Tony visits with 2 members of the Sun Mountain Yabuli Ski Resort to find out what he's gotten himself into for the day. 960 1280


Tony prepares to hit the slopes, but not without a few last pointers from the experts. 960 1280


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