San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of districts and contradictions, each one with its own quirks and flavors. Between Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury and Fisherman's Wharf, Tony really can't go wrong

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Something's wrong with this picture. All these highly trained pros, and for what? Me shoving a freakin' tamale in my face? 960 1280


Cameraman Zach Zamboni, tumescent, no doubt, with happiness using his new toy: the gyro-assisted Zamboni-Cam. 960 1280


A big man in a small car ... 960 1280


With poet and Garrison Keillor hater August Kleinzahler at the Aub Zam Zam room in the Haight. 960 1280


Zach Zamboni enjoys a mid-shift martini at the Zam Zam room, rendering the ensuing shots ' wobbly to say the least. 960 1280


With the "Homage to Bullit" car near the magnificent Red Java House. 960 1280


Tony checks out the San Francisco skyline. 960 1280


Tony and Arecely Garza sit down to enjoy some tacos. 960 1280


Tom, Mo, Zach and Jared prep on the back of truck for shoot. 960 1280


Tony in his Mustang. Mo in the backseat. 960 1280


Oscar Villalon and Tony share a meal at Tadich Grill. 960 1280


Chris, Lance and Tony at the Absinthe distillery. 960 1280


Absinthe in beaker, glasses and bottles. 960 1280


Zach shoots Michael Black prepping sushi. 960 1280


A Michael Black creation. 960 1280


Tony eats a dish by the bay. 960 1280


San Fran BTS  10 Photos

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