Europe Files - Volume 5

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Europe trips in The Europe Files - Volume 5, in which he explores Scotland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Croatia. Tony lands in Edinburgh, Scotland to meet with one of his literary heroes, Ian Rankin, a best-selling crime author. However, before he was a crime author, Rankin worked as a grape-picker, swineherd, taxman, alcohol researcher, and punk musician. Then Tony journeys to Romania, a land with a legacy of a Communist regime that still haunts its villages and countryside. Tony and Zamir head into the Romanian countryside in their rented Dacia, the national car of Romania. Tony and his friend Zamir reach the Maramures region in Northern Romania, an area of villages preserved in almost medieval isolation. In the village of Vadu Izei lives Zamir's aunt, Bell Doina, who is busy preparing for Zamir's birthday celebration that night. There's live music, food, plenty of drinks, and a golden brown pig. Next, Tony visits Prague, capital of the Czech Republic and the world's capital for beer. With the help of some local experts, Tony tests the new culinary landscape in the "city of spires." Finally, he's off to Croatia, now touted as The New Riviera. Celebrities and oligarchs swarm the coastal islands as foodies roam the hills in search of truffles, wild asparagus and local wineries. Tony explores the Istria and Dalmatian regions and literally gets knocked off his feet by what he finds.

Europe Files - Volume 7

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Europe trips in The Europe Files - Volume 7, in which he explores Italy and Spain. Tony and his wife, Ottavia, travel to Sardinia, Italy, to visit her family. They head to one of their favorite agritourismos for an array of freshly made pastas, cheeses, and meats, along with wild rabbit and partridge, topped off by fresh farmer cheese and sweet honey. Then Tony reunites with two friends, Carlos and Lisa, at Zia Forica, to sample some foods of the region, specifically snails. Later, Tony and his extended family visit the festival of San Francesco in Lula, to attend a meal for local workers and enjoy the traditions and foods. Then, Aunt Andreana arranges a special seafood meal for Ottavia and Tony, along with some of Ottavia's cousins. They enjoy bottarga, the dried salted roe of the local mullet fish, delicious spiny lobster, and a rich pasta cooked with olive oil and sprinkled with bottarga powder, a dish that, according to Tony is, 'absolutely perfect.' Next, Tony heads to Madrid, Spain, to dine on signature Spanish fare. He get's special treatment at Diverxo, one of Madrid's most exclusive restaurants, where he dines on scallops, tangeri crabs and black pudding dim sum with quail egg. In Naples, Italy, Tony meets Josepina, the eighty-year-old mother of the production driver, to enjoy a classic ragu. Virgin olive oil, onion and garlic are combined with sausage, veal shank, and pork neck in tomato sauce, simmered for five to six hours. Josepina brings a bitter, local vegetable to the table to compliment the meal, fiorelli. Back in New York, Tony visits Italian American chefs Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone at Torrisi Italian Specialties. The chefs serve up "neighborhood dishes," which pay homage to the traditional neighbors of Italian Americans, including a lamb tongue gyro salad and fried rice with sweet pork sausage and American prosciutto, washed down with Schaefer beer.

US Files - Volume 4

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Volume 4, in which he further explores Montana, Illinois and Maine. Tony heads to Montana to visit a family of fourth-generation ranchers who not only run a cattle operation, but also a dude ranch. Then Tony heads to Livingston, MT, to try his luck at fly-fishing. Outfitted with the latest (and most flattering) gear, Tony is ready for his foray into fly fishing with local Dan Lahren, determined to make an on-camera catch. He meets with Russell Chatham, a renowned landscape painter, who has made Montana his home. Then Tony visits Chicago, IL, to meet with resident Peter Engler who, aside from studying mouse genetics for a living, also makes a hobby as a foodie, seeking out strange and delicious foods in little known places. They visit Fat Johnnies for a taste of the heart attack-inducing "Mighty Dog", a tamale and meaty chili on a bun. After that, Tony visits Hot Doug's, home to hot dog perfection. Not only does Hot Doug's serve the best hot dogs, they also serve French fries fried in pure duck fat, and of course... the foie gras dog. At the opposite end of the spectrum, avant-garde chef Homaro Cantu has been torching, deconstructing, and reinventing food for years at his restaurant Moto. He introduces Tony to some of his creations such as Road Kill, Cuban Cigars, and edible menus. Finally, Tony travels to Maine with his longtime cameraman and native Mainer, Zach Zamboni. Zach exposes Tony to the food and people of the "two Maines"- the civilized coastal area and the sparsely populated, untamed, interior region, which includes Zach's hometown of Milo.

US Files - Volume 5

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Volume 5, in which he further explores Missouri and Michigan. In West Plains, MO, Tony meets up with author and Ozark native, Daniel Woodrell, to go fishing for sucker fish, known for sucking on the bottom of rivers and streams. Before they start, they chow down on yesterday's catch: deep-fried suckers with fried potatoes, red onions, and hush puppies on the side. Night falls and it's time to start fishing. As Tony tries to get the hang of it, disaster strikes. Daniel falls and breaks his shoulder. The next night, Tony is invited on a raccoon hunt. This tradition is more about the dogs than the prey, as the men compete to see whose hound is the best. Afterwards, they enjoy a meal of roasted raccoon, potatoes, baked beans, and cornbread. One of the men honors Tony with a thoughtful gift of raccoon penis bone. The next day, his new friend Alan brings Tony to a duck hunt. Alan regales Tony with hunting stories before shooting a few ducks down. After learning that Alan doesn't like duck meat, Tony makes it his mission to change his mind by cooking him duck breast. Tony and his friend Zamir visit Detroit, MI, and are introduced to John, a laid-off steel worker. John takes them to Polonia, a restaurant in the Polish section of town, for a Polish feast. They then meet up with Rashid, a man who coincidentally was evacuated from Beirut on the same boat as Tony and the crew during the 2006 war. They enjoy good conversation over a typical Middle Eastern meal of hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, and more. After that, it's time for a game of Featherbowling, a game very similar to Bocce and a favorite pastime in Detroit. Finally, Tony visits chef Brian Polcyn in Ann Arbor, MI, for a lesson on charcuterie, and of course a taste.

US Files - Volume 2

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Volume 2, in which he further explores California, Texas and Louisiana. In San Francisco, CA, Tony and his friend Oscar head to a local liquor store known for their cubana torta. This torta is filled with six different meats, avocado, cheese, jalapeños, tomato, mayo, and a fried egg. The next morning, Tony visits the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, home to fresh fruits and vegetables, welcoming people, and a delicious organic tamale plate. That afternoon, Tony takes a trip just across the Bay Bridge to Oakland, to visit Shelley Garza, an advocate for the local community, and samples some of the tasty tacos, burritos, and tamales that International Boulevard's taco trucks are known for. Back in San Francisco, Tony has dinner with chef and friend Chris Cosentino, a well-respected chef in the city, at Sushi Sebo. Course after course of toro, yellowtail, baby shrimp, sake, seabream head, and mackerel keeps Tony's mouth watering. Chris invites Tony to his restaurant, Incanto, a place known for serving up the nasty bits. Tony and a group of friends sit down for a delicious dinner of fried brains, spreadable salami, deep-fried ham crystals, and venison heart tartar. Then Tony heads to Austin, TX, to join in on the fun that is the food truck craze. He visits the El Taco Rico food truck for tacos and deep fried morning dove. He also snacks on delicious slow-cooked brisket, ribs and sausage at Franklin BBQ. Finally, Tony travels to Louisiana for Southern home cookin'. While dining on dirty rice, sweet potatoes, Boudin and cracklings, he discovers Cajun food is strikingly more rustic and less European than its Creole counterpart. This authentic food experience goes deeper yet when he is bestowed the honorable task of shooting a boucherie hog.

Asia Files - Volume 1

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in The Asia Files - Volume 1. In this volume, he explores the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. He tastes everything from lechon pig to shawarma to cockles and he's hungry for more. On an island off the coast of Malaysia, Tony encounters one animal he won't eat... monkeys! Then, during Tony's stop in Japan, he learns the fundamentals of the eighteenth century study of kendo where he meets his match.

US Files - Volume 1

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Volume 1, in which he explores California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Louisiana. In Los Angeles, CA, Tony heads to Shield's Date Gardens, a date emporium known for their 'date shakes.' Then he's off to San Francisco, CA, home to crunchy hippies, adamant vegetarians, and a large vegan culture. At Pirate Cat Radio, a vegan cafe/radio station, Tony chats with DJ Monkey and samples their famous bacon maple latte, a concoction created using real refined bacon (bacon ground into powder)¿despite Pirate Cat's vegan theme. Off to explore more of the city's flavor, Tony meets his friend Oscar at Tadich Grill, San Francisco's oldest restaurant, to dig into the Hangtown Fry, a combination of oysters, eggs, and bacon, inspired by a man's dying wish for a last meal. Tony visits the Hatch, NM, known for its red and green chilies. Judd Nordyke, mayor of Hatch, takes Tony to breakfast at The Pepper Pot, a local joint where chili farmers fill up before heading out to the fields. With a full stomach and an open mind, Tony and his crew decide to try their hand at something adventurous¿white water rafting. The Canyon Reo Rafting group takes Tony and crew out on the Chama River to tackle some class three rapids. Tony travels to Denver, CO, and Austin, TX, the unsung heroes of the food scene. These cities are full of chefs fighting the good fight, creating heroic food that could compete with New York's finest. Tony dines on rattlesnake sausage, oysters, and rabbit belly from a food truck. In New Orleans, LA, Lolis Elie, award-winning columnist, author, producer, and writer on HBO's Treme, joins Tony to dine at Willie Mae's. They feast on red beans and rice. Then, Tony joins an authentic crawfish boil where he chows down on juicy crawfish.


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