Behind the Scenes in Nicaragua

Go behind-the-scenes with Anthony Bourdain as he travels throughout Nicaragua.


With Daniel Boulud and former New York Times food critic Frank Bruni at DBGB. 960 1280


After a martini, a Negroni, a sidecar, and a Manhattan, I begin to realize the gravity of the situation. 960 1280


Martini porn. 960 1280


The awesome, over-the-top "fusilli with octopus and bone marrow" at Marea. 960 1280


The incredible, boneless pig's foot at DBGB. 960 1280


The Master: Chef Yasuda. And where I go to treat myself to the best when I've been a very good boy on very special days .. 960 1280


My happy place. 960 1280


Some Hi-test tuna porn. 960 1280


Eel porn. 960 1280


A very well-fed and blissed-out looking Todd Liebler in chef Cesare Casella's jacket. Todd ate well that day. 960 1280


Prosciutto porn. You want it. You know you want it. Now! 960 1280


Salumeria Rosi's chef Cesare Casella. 960 1280


Beans with caviar. 960 1280


No comment. 960 1280


Relatively new producer Michael Steed's first shoot at Petrossian Caviar, realizing how good it can get on this show. 960 1280


Michael scores again -- this time at Porterhouse. 960 1280


Prime Rib with chef Michael Lomonaco 960 1280


Nari working a hunk of roast beef. I'm quite sure she finished it. 960 1280


BBQ porn at R.U.B. in NYC. 960 1280


"Burnt Ends." The best part. 960 1280


"Let's play Twister...let's play Risk..." 960 1280


Todd directs the legendary "Hedgehog," Mr. Ron Jeremy. 960 1280


Tony sits casually, among many deer heads on the wall, as Bob Sealey works with a bear head and pelt on his desk. 960 1280


Jim Harrison at his kitchen table, trying to get used to the cameras in his face. 960 1280


Tony talks with Russell Chatham in his studio. 960 1280


Tony tugs at the suspenders of his high-water suit as he prepares to go fly-fishing. 960 1280


Dan Lahren's fishing ties collection. 960 1280


The breathtaking landscape of Montana. 960 1280


Tony stands on the balcony of his hotel room overlooking the parking lot. 960 1280


Tony and Brian Menges cook something up on the grill. 960 1280


Tim Bowers in cowboy hat and leather chaps, sits on a fallen tree in front of the fire. 960 1280


Zach Zamboni dressed in camera accessories, balances his camera on his shoulder in front of the Old Saloon. 960 1280


Tony and Zamir walk along the industrial landscape of Detroit. 960 1280


Zach pulls focus as a man holds an umbrella over him. 960 1280


Tony, Zamir and John walk down the snow-covered streets of Detroit. 960 1280


Tony on a street of abandoned houses in Baltimore. 960 1280


Close-up of Buffalo's infamous beef on weck sandwich. 960 1280


Snoop and Tony have a meal at Mo's in Baltimore. 960 1280


Todd shoots Tony's turn at featherbowling in Detroit. 960 1280


Zach, Alex and Todd shoot while Tony, Zamir and 2 men eat in Detroit. 960 1280


A row of abandoned and boarded homes in Baltimore. 960 1280


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