Behind the Scenes in Ukraine

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Tony and Zamir's trip to Ukraine.


10 Photos

Anthony Bourdain decides he's satisfied with Carlos' perfect medium-rare steak. 960 1280


Chef Scott Conant of Scarpetta makes homemade pasta. 960 1280


Chef Conant, entangled in his own spaghetti. 960 1280


Chef Conant's finished spaghetti. 960 1280


Chef Thomas Keller seasons an unbaked chicken with a light dusting of salt. 960 1280


Chef Laurent Tourondel of BLT Burger demonstrates how to shape the perfect hamburger. 960 1280


Chef Tourondel shows off the delicious finished product, a good medium-rare hamburger. 960 1280


Chef Dave Pasternack shows the camera the perfect Canadian lobster. 960 1280


Chef Jacques Pepin debones a chicken right through the center, breaking it into 2 filets. 960 1280


Chef Pepin shows the cross section of the cooked chicken. 960 1280


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Livingston's main drag. The Stockman makes an excellent burger, by the way -- with a delightful bar up front. 960 1280


With author, poet, screenwriter Jim Harrison in his front yard. 960 1280


With painter and author Russell Chatham. 960 1280


The scale of things. Big. 960 1280


Murray Bar at the legendary Murray Hotel. 960 1280


We rope up some Liebler. And let me tell you, once we got some o' that on the grill? Cooked up real good. 960 1280


Save this moment, I actually catch a fish! 960 1280


Damn gophers! Producer Diane Schutz satisfies her insatiable bloodlust by gunning down scores of them in short order. 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain, taking it all in. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

A beautiful seaside town. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Anthony Bourdain with friends at Peter's Cafe Sport. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Every once in awhile, a random dog would show up. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Anthony Bourdain walking past stone paintings. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Kira filming on a hilltop. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Todd has a snack. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Tony chats with a friend at Casa de Pasto Almeida. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

The crew standing lakeside. From left to right: Kira, Todd, Tony, Tracey and Nari. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

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