Bourdain Takes the Road Less Traveled

Over the years, Tony has traveled to a number of off-the-beaten-path locations. Take a look at these photos from some of the more unexpected destinations that he's visited.


After several years, Tony finally landed in Cuba. 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain visits a local butcher in Havana. 960 1280


Tony at Puerto de Sagua, a vintage bar in Havana. 960 1280


Tony and chef Jose Andres chat over prawns outside of Catalonia, Spain, during the production of the No Reservations elBulli episode. 960 1280


A "family" meal at elBulli with Tony, chef Ferran Adria (right of Tony) and Jose Andres (across from Tony). 960 1280


Tony explores a quiet alley in an older part of downtown Macau. 960 1280


Tony takes the ultimate dive -- bungee jumping off Macau Tower. 960 1280


Tony with Jeffrey Ng in Macau. 960 1280


Tony is stoked to try this margherita pizza at Pizzeria Pellone in Naples. 960 1280


A bustling side street in Naples. 960 1280


Tony enjoys a bottle of amaro in the Almafi coast town of Cetara, Naples. 960 1280


960 1280


"The completed work." ' Tony Bourdain 960 1280


"Editor Eric Lasby finishes off the 'goose.'" ' Tony Bourdain 960 1280


"Mario takes pity on producer Michael Steed and feeds him a Scooby Snack." ' Tony Bourdain 960 1280


"Stoned Immaculate? David Chang, lost in the supermarket." ' Tony Bourdain 960 1280


"My Uncle Ted cooks for a few friends." ' Tony Bourdain 960 1280


"Me and Ruhlman take a Tiki Break." ' Tony Bourdain 960 1280


"Generic holiday dinner with my friends (and special guest, Mr. Socks)." ' Tony Bourdain 960 1280


10 Photos

Anthony Bourdain decides he's satisfied with Carlos' perfect medium-rare steak. 960 1280


Chef Scott Conant of Scarpetta makes homemade pasta. 960 1280


Chef Conant, entangled in his own spaghetti. 960 1280


Chef Conant's finished spaghetti. 960 1280


Chef Thomas Keller seasons an unbaked chicken with a light dusting of salt. 960 1280


Chef Laurent Tourondel of BLT Burger demonstrates how to shape the perfect hamburger. 960 1280


Chef Tourondel shows off the delicious finished product, a good medium-rare hamburger. 960 1280


Chef Dave Pasternack shows the camera the perfect Canadian lobster. 960 1280


Chef Jacques Pepin debones a chicken right through the center, breaking it into 2 filets. 960 1280


Chef Pepin shows the cross section of the cooked chicken. 960 1280


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