Bourdain Takes the Road Less Traveled

Over the years, Tony has traveled to a number of off-the-beaten-path locations. Take a look at these photos from some of the more unexpected destinations that he's visited.


Tony takes in his surroundings at a local mosque. 960 1280


Tony waits outside a restaurant for the next shot. 960 1280


Tony at a local restaurant in the city center of Istanbul. 960 1280


Zack sets up a shot through a car window. 960 1280


Todd and Zack test their rigged camera. 960 1280


Tony tours Istanbul by sea. 960 1280


Todd films Tony at a local gyro stand. 960 1280


A sprawl of food on the table -- lunch. 960 1280


Tony has dinner with new friends Esra and Ozge. 960 1280


Emmy award winner Todd Liebler continues to get creative with his shots. 960 1280


Tony films on a small boat on the Bosphorus River. 960 1280


4 Photos

Yes. That's me in the water. 960 1280


Getting into the rural lifestyle -- splittin' logs. 960 1280


Steamers, oysters and beer with Zach Zamboni at J's in Portland, ME. 960 1280


Crew meal at Melissa Kelly's Primo in Rockport, ME. 960 1280


5 Photos

"Cameraman Zach Zamboni picks the right clothes for the World Cup win." -- AB 960 1280


"My other job: sheep- related." -- AB 960 1280


"Saint Francis of ****in' Assisi." -- AB 960 1280


"What the best ham in the world looks like." -- AB 960 1280


"Crew meal in Spain does NOT suck." -- AB 960 1280


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