Bourdain Takes the Road Less Traveled

Over the years, Tony has traveled to a number of off-the-beaten-path locations. Take a look at these photos from some of the more unexpected destinations that he's visited.


10 Photos

Tony on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


Tony and Michael Ruhlman enjoying the view of the Hudson Valley. 960 1280


Tony in the Lincoln with Zach Zamboni and the camera equipment. 960 1280


Zach watching the production from a monitor in the backseat of the Lincoln. 960 1280


Tony sitting with Montserrat on crates near the Ixtapa Mexican Tacos stand. 960 1280


Tony enjoys boiled crabs with John Vargo, Frank Reyes, John Tangen and Quriymra Vargo. 960 1280


Mmm... Lunch! 960 1280


Tony at X2O with Bill Murray. 960 1280


Tony dines with Matt and Sierra on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


Tony on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


7 Photos

"Joël Robuchon and Eric Ripert make a point on the Rue Mouffetard." -- AB 960 1280


"I'm looking off camera to Alex saying, 'Want to get in on these kidneys? They're awesome!' (They were by the way)." -- AB 960 1280


"Zach, Nari (and) Todd." -- AB 960 1280


"Eric and I listen to the Master." -- AB 960 1280


"Eric, me ' and the amazing Thierry Marx (a scene that was sadly cut from the U.S. version of the show)." -- AB 960 1280


"Cheese porn. Look at that stuff. PERFECTLY ripe. Look at it. You KNOW you want it." -- AB 960 1280


"Why it does NOT suck to work on this show. About to sit down to a post-work meal at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon." -- AB 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain sits, deep in thought, at Fritanga Bunuelo. 960 1280


Jerry Risius captures the raising of the flag over the Plaza de la Revolución in Managua. 960 1280




Nicaragua has a history of oppression, political turmoil and civil war. Tony visits the Central American nation as its infrastructure and economy are slowly being rebuilt. One of his stops was at La Chureca, the city dump, where hundreds of destitute families pick garbage for a living. 960 1280


Tony goes for a stroll in Esteli. 960 1280


Tony and Hector dig into their hearty meals at a bus station café. 960 1280


The Plaza de la Revolución in Managua. 960 1280


Tony and Martha at Valle de Flores. 960 1280


Tony and Carlos Fernando Chamorro talk on Plaza de la Revolución. 960 1280


Houses in La Chureca -- the garbage dump of Managua. 960 1280


Producer Sally preps the food shots in Esteli. 960 1280


A neighborhood dog looks on as Walter and Tony chat at Fritanga Bunuelo. 960 1280


Cameraman Jerry Risius shoots the kitchen prep with Nelly at Flor de Pino. 960 1280


Tony and journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro enjoy the view. 960 1280


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