Heartland Photos

See our favorite photos from Anthony Bourdain's trip to the Heartland.

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Anthony Bourdain, taking it all in. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

A beautiful seaside town. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Anthony Bourdain with friends at Peter's Cafe Sport. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Every once in awhile, a random dog would show up. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Anthony Bourdain walking past stone paintings. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Kira filming on a hilltop. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Todd has a snack. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Tony chats with a friend at Casa de Pasto Almeida. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

The crew standing lakeside. From left to right: Kira, Todd, Tony, Tracey and Nari. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

A typical Azores meal: pork, pork and ' more pork. And fish. And rice -- with potatoes. Delicious, but slows you down. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Shot 2 similar meals back-to-back -- and as I'm eating, I'm thinking, "Delicious, but this is on the cutting room floor." 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Totally remote, no power, no running water, no TV, no phone ... gorgeous. Best meal of the trip but hairy getting there. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Green ' and mist. The Azores. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

I've given Tracey an unpleasant choice: take a shot of the local moonshine or do without me for the remainder. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

I tried to kill the geyser scene. Four hours spent feigning interest in water. See that look on my face? That's not love. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Azores Journal  6 Photos

Zach gets up-close and personal with the rodeo crew. 960 1280


Tony and Jorge sit down for a meal at Don Vittorio's seafood restaurant. 960 1280


Todd captures a perfect moment. 960 1280


Tony shares a moment with his ride for the evening. 960 1280


In the distance, seals bask in the last bit of sunlight for the day. 960 1280


Picture-perfect setting in Chile. 960 1280


Tony indulges in a roadside snack. 960 1280


Mouthwatering empanadas on their way to the crew's plates. 960 1280


Tony and crew prepare to feast on the beach. 960 1280


Dave looks out to sea while enjoying a cool afternoon beer. 960 1280


Chile  10 Photos

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