Hudson Valley Journal

Click through Anthony Bourdain's Photo Journal for the Hudson Valley, NY.

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Anthony Bourdain decides he's satisfied with Carlos' perfect medium-rare steak. 960 1280


Chef Scott Conant of Scarpetta makes homemade pasta. 960 1280


Chef Conant, entangled in his own spaghetti. 960 1280


Chef Conant's finished spaghetti. 960 1280


Chef Thomas Keller seasons an unbaked chicken with a light dusting of salt. 960 1280


Chef Laurent Tourondel of BLT Burger demonstrates how to shape the perfect hamburger. 960 1280


Chef Tourondel shows off the delicious finished product, a good medium-rare hamburger. 960 1280


Chef Dave Pasternack shows the camera the perfect Canadian lobster. 960 1280


Chef Jacques Pepin debones a chicken right through the center, breaking it into 2 filets. 960 1280


Chef Pepin shows the cross section of the cooked chicken. 960 1280


Techniques  10 Photos


10 Photos

Tony on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


Tony and Michael Ruhlman enjoying the view of the Hudson Valley. 960 1280


Tony in the Lincoln with Zach Zamboni and the camera equipment. 960 1280


Zach watching the production from a monitor in the backseat of the Lincoln. 960 1280


Tony sitting with Montserrat on crates near the Ixtapa Mexican Tacos stand. 960 1280


Tony enjoys boiled crabs with John Vargo, Frank Reyes, John Tangen and Quriymra Vargo. 960 1280


Mmm... Lunch! 960 1280


Tony at X2O with Bill Murray. 960 1280


Tony dines with Matt and Sierra on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


Tony on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


Crew meal in the Bronx. Soul food with Famous Fat Dave, Diane, Kira and Adam. 960 1280


With chef Carlos Llaguno at a tortilla factory and tortilleria in Brooklyn. 960 1280


With David Chang in Queens. The waiter adds the missing ingredient: live octopus. 960 1280


Crew meal. 960 1280


With writer, author, critic and deep thinker Peter Meehant at Diner in Brooklyn. 960 1280


With David Johansen in Staten Island for Tikki drinks and pu-pu platter. 960 1280


Crew meal in Staten Island. It's a luau! 960 1280


Truly, the King of dogs -- outside Chicago, anyway. 960 1280


Going in for some steaming gyro action. 960 1280


The bane of my existence. Battery change. "Is this on? Testing. Testing. Maybe it's the connection ..." 960 1280