Hudson Valley

Go behind the scenes with Anthony Bourdain and the crew of No Reservations in the Hudson Valley, NY.

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2 hours after we left him -- "We'll be right back, guard the equipment with your life" -- Adam L. freezes slowly to death. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Now THAT'S a freakin' SANDWICH!! (Katz's Deli) 960 1280

Nari Kye  

With chef Michael Lomanoco at Manganaro's Groceria, eatin' old school red sauce Italian. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

With the owners and crew of Manganaros -- keeping it in the family. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

At Keen's Steakhouse with Josh "The Artist Formerly Known as Mr Cutlets" Ozersky, of the Feedbag. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Trying to recapture my past at Hop Kee -- with chef Chris Cheung. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

With legendary author, journalist, biographer and bad, bad man, the ultra cool Nick Tosches. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Producer Diane Schutz, thinking she's unobserved, making her move on the leftovers. 960 1280



Truly, the King of dogs -- outside Chicago, anyway. 960 1280


Going in for some steaming gyro action. 960 1280


The bane of my existence. Battery change. "Is this on? Testing. Testing. Maybe it's the connection ..." 960 1280


Zach's latest innovation, The Zamboni 3000 Amphibeaous Camera Platform. He was inspired by his experience on "Waterworld." 960 1280


Ruhlman and I, resplendit in our coffee filters, re-live school daze. 960 1280


A CIA student we dragooned into getting an on-camera "tattoo" of my logo. It'll come right out. Eventually. I think. 960 1280


Producer Tom Vitale, a worried looking Bill Murray and me. 960 1280


The rather awesome Mohonk Mountain House. 960 1280


Tugboat nap. 960 1280


Crew meal in the Bronx. Soul food with Famous Fat Dave, Diane, Kira and Adam. 960 1280


With chef Carlos Llaguno at a tortilla factory and tortilleria in Brooklyn. 960 1280


With David Chang in Queens. The waiter adds the missing ingredient: live octopus. 960 1280


Crew meal. 960 1280


With writer, author, critic and deep thinker Peter Meehant at Diner in Brooklyn. 960 1280


With David Johansen in Staten Island for Tikki drinks and pu-pu platter. 960 1280


Crew meal in Staten Island. It's a luau! 960 1280


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