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See our favorite photos from Anthony Bourdain's trip to Liberia.


6 Photos

Kendo is a sport where you actually get BETTER as you age. This master regularly kicks the crap out of men in their 20s. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Crew meal at a crowded izakaya in Roppongi. Our fixer, Michiko, Rennik, Zach, Paul, Todd, me and my old pal Shinji. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Iron Chef Morimoto through monkfish jaws. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Todd at the Ryokan in Kyoto. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Editor Chris Martinez after an evening of sake drinking and chicken bits on skewers. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Todd shoots his dream toilet. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Todd shoots West Bawlmer in the rain. 960 1280


With Felicia "Snoop" Pearson and producer Alex Lowry. 960 1280


Zamir and Tony hit Detroit. 960 1280


The fabulous Buffalonian specialty, Beef on Weck. 960 1280


Todd demonstrates the "10-finger vibrating-hand beer-drinking technique" while modeling his stretch pants and knee pads. 960 1280


' before diving right into a viciously competitive game of featherbowling. 960 1280


9 Photos

Producer Nari Kye prepares herself to handle the 'nasty bits' of a pig, to use as a prop in the Obsessed special. 960 1280


The stage crew positions the lighting to set the mood. 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain arrives on set and arranges the pig parts to his liking. 960 1280


Julie talks Nari through the proper placement of the pig head, to the liking of Mr. Bourdain. 960 1280


Manny keeps an eye on the pig carcass until the crew is ready to roll tape. 960 1280


Tony demonstrates the proper technique in dealing with a large pork carcass. 960 1280


With 1 hand to hold and the other to tie, Tony shows the proper way to wrap up a slide of pork before it's cooked. 960 1280


Nari and Rennik observe Tony's technique. 960 1280


A behind-the-scenes look at Tony and the pig carcass. 960 1280


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