Montana Behind-the-Scenes

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Livingston's main drag. The Stockman makes an excellent burger, by the way -- with a delightful bar up front. 960 1280


With author, poet, screenwriter Jim Harrison in his front yard. 960 1280


With painter and author Russell Chatham. 960 1280


The scale of things. Big. 960 1280


Murray Bar at the legendary Murray Hotel. 960 1280


We rope up some Liebler. And let me tell you, once we got some o' that on the grill? Cooked up real good. 960 1280


Save this moment, I actually catch a fish! 960 1280


Damn gophers! Producer Diane Schutz satisfies her insatiable bloodlust by gunning down scores of them in short order. 960 1280


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Chicago food porn: delicious meats in tube form! This mouthwatering, boner-inducing display in the backyard of Chef Kahan. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

The Happiest Words Ever Written: fries cooked in duck fat at Hot Doug's. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

The foie gras hot dog. Close-up. You know you want it. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Louisa Chu, whom you might remember from our first show in Paris. Here, enjoying an al fresco meal at Calumet Fisheries. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Eating out of an ashtray with chef Homaru Cantu at MOTO. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Soft, runny, pungent. May lead directly to groin throbbing, heaving decolletage. Lipitor. 960 1280

Adam Lupsha  

That's right. Spoon that stuff right up. Slather it on a crust of bread and jam it, hard and deep, into your face. 960 1280


A poached egg, yolk still runny, nestled in a warm bath of French cheese fondue, freshly blanketed with black truffles. 960 1280

Adam Lupsha  

Choc-o-porn. Straight from the cocoa canal. 960 1280

Adam Lupsha  

Graphics genius, Adam Lupsha, playing "Buzz the Horny Soundman," on set of our Boogie Nights-like demonstration. 960 1280

Adam Lupsha  

With David Chang and his crew at Momofuku Ssam restaurant in New York. 960 1280

Adam Lupsha  

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