No Reservations: Baja Journal

A pink limo, some of the best street food he's ever had and more. See Tony's favorite pictures from Baja.


Manchurian pork porn. 960 1280


Cold, cold, cold in Harbin. 960 1280


Emmy-award-winning cinematographer Todd Liebler and I saddle up for a ski scene. Todd gets to ski backwards without poles. 960 1280


Chicken feet on ice. Just what you want and need when you're frozen to the marrow and can't feel your fingers. 960 1280


Group shot ... The Harbin Village People. 960 1280


5 Photos

Cameraman Zach Zamboni with his newest homemade device -- the gyro-cam, hanging in a car door. 960 1280


I contemplate the mysteries (and terrors) of the "Completo," a giant-sized hot dog buried in guacamole and mayonnaise. 960 1280


Rennik "pulls a Lakshmi" with his Completo. Here seen just prior to hose-down. 960 1280


Our helicopter-borne camera platform comes in very low while me and the guide try to keep our horses from freaking out. 960 1280


Todd assembles his equipment at the end of the shoot while I "conceptualize" for next season. 960 1280


Poor Augusto. Just as he's reconnecting with his family, we invade his home and jam 3 cameras in his face. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Here it is: The Best Pig ... EVER. With fresh mackerel grilling in the foreground. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Augusto loosens up a little, probably drugged by the enticing fumes of Lechon. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Pity the assistant producer. Here, Jared Andrukakis, keeping all of our Cebu swag safe around his neck. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

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