No Reservations: The Final Tour Sneak Peek

Get a sneak peek at Anthony Bourdain's final tour around the world with No Reservations starting Mon, Sept. 3 @ 9|8c.

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Anthony Bourdain chats with locals at the Ver-O-Peso fish market. 960 1280


A wide shot of the busy Ver-O-Peso fish market. 960 1280


Tony samples a "Completo" at Ver-O-Peso, a salted chicken rolled in mashed potato and then fried. 960 1280


A vendor sets up shop inside the fish market at Ver-O-Peso. 960 1280


Tony's boat with Belem, Brazil, in the background. 960 1280


Tony takes a break while visiting Parrot Island's witchdoctor. 960 1280


Tony observes everyday life along the river outside of Belem. 960 1280


Tony, Dr. Urano (middle) and Caito (right) enjoy fried fish and acai at Margem Esquerda Do Rio Guama Restaurant on Cumbu Island. 960 1280


A boy at the fishing shack on Mexiana Island looks with curiosity as Tony and the crew arrive to film. 960 1280


Cameraman Zach Zamboni attempts to protect Tony and the rest of the crew from catching his unknown sickness. 960 1280


Tony waits for the rain to lighten up before going fishing on Mexiana Island. 960 1280


Chef Ofir prepares dinner for Tony and other guests. The meal consists of filhote fish and pato no tucupi (duck in tucupi sauce). 960 1280


Zach gets up-close and personal with the rodeo crew. 960 1280


Tony and Jorge sit down for a meal at Don Vittorio's seafood restaurant. 960 1280


Todd captures a perfect moment. 960 1280


Tony shares a moment with his ride for the evening. 960 1280


In the distance, seals bask in the last bit of sunlight for the day. 960 1280


Picture-perfect setting in Chile. 960 1280


Tony indulges in a roadside snack. 960 1280


Mouthwatering empanadas on their way to the crew's plates. 960 1280


Tony and crew prepare to feast on the beach. 960 1280


Dave looks out to sea while enjoying a cool afternoon beer. 960 1280


Chile  10 Photos

Anthony Bourdain's friend Jeanne Bayol's mother makes aioli for Tony and the crew. 960 1280


Tony, Anne Daguin, Aurelie, Alex and Jeanne prepare to have aperitifs, alcoholic drinks served before a meal. 960 1280


Tony shares a few laughs with new friends on a beautiful day. 960 1280


Cameramen Todd and Zach film Tony from afar, giving him a quiet moment to himself at Les Ateliers De L'Image. 960 1280


Tony stops in a local shop that sells a variety of garlic. 960 1280


Tony samples tapenade and pastis at Piere Rouranine's house with relatives of Anne Daguin. 960 1280


Jean Chancel takes Tony on a tour of his vineyard at the breathtaking winery Domaine de Val Joanis. 960 1280


While on their tour, Tony asks Jean some questions about the vineyard. 960 1280


After the tour, Tony, Jean and Cecile Chancel have lunch at the vineyard. 960 1280


Provence  9 Photos

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