Click through behind-the-scenes photos from the No Reservations Obsessed special.


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Lydia Tenaglia is Executive Producer and Co-creator, which means she's "the person that Tony gets the most agitated with." 960 1280


In another life Producer Chris Collins was a stockbroker in Washington, DC, worked with Cirque Du Soleil and Coca-Cola. 960 1280


Producer Diane Schutz has been eating, drinking and traveling with Tony since 2002. 960 1280


Producer Tracey Gudwin's number-one Tony moment: paragliding in Buenos Aires (leech removal in Malaysia, a close second). 960 1280


Emmy Award-winning cameraman Todd Liebler has worked with Tony since the first season of No Reservations in 2004. 960 1280


Producer Tom Vitale is afraid of flying, produced for MTV, Bravo and has webbed feet. 960 1280


After comparing a film set to a busy restaurant, producer Jared Andrukanis landed a job on No Reservations. 960 1280


Alexandra Lowry has a degree in neuroscience, which has assisted in her success as a No Reservations producer. 960 1280


In 2005, No Reservations was in need of a human to travel with Tony. Producer Rennik Soholt has been with Tony ever since. 960 1280


Associate Producer Nari Kye is an enthusiastic explorer, traveling to places like Hanoi, Saudi Arabia and Korea. 960 1280


Christopher Martinez is the editor for No Reservations. He appreciates the crew traveling the world, without him. 960 1280


If there were 1 downside to being an editor for No Reservations, what would it be? "Editors don't travel." ' Eric Lasby 960 1280


David Robinson is a Capricorn and an editor for No Reservations. When not at work, he's enjoying his New Jersey estate. 960 1280




"I apply a tourniquet--something I look forward to demonstrating someday at the supermarket." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


Learning roadblock protocol

Learning roadblock protocol

"Zach learns some harsh lessons about roadblock protocol. That's the kindly Rhidian Bridge with the gun." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


Team Virginiastan

Team Virginiastan

"Team Virginiastan." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


Chopper to chopper footage

Chopper to chopper footage

"Todd, shooting chopper to chopper footage." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


Patient is not responding

Patient is not responding

"Explaining why the patient is not responding." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


Basics of mine detection

Basics of mine detection

"In which I learn the basics of mine detection." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


Kurdish wedding party

Kurdish wedding party

"Kurdish wedding party." - Anthony Bourdain 960 1280


10 Photos

Tony on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


Tony and Michael Ruhlman enjoying the view of the Hudson Valley. 960 1280


Tony in the Lincoln with Zach Zamboni and the camera equipment. 960 1280


Zach watching the production from a monitor in the backseat of the Lincoln. 960 1280


Tony sitting with Montserrat on crates near the Ixtapa Mexican Tacos stand. 960 1280


Tony enjoys boiled crabs with John Vargo, Frank Reyes, John Tangen and Quriymra Vargo. 960 1280


Mmm... Lunch! 960 1280


Tony at X2O with Bill Murray. 960 1280


Tony dines with Matt and Sierra on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


Tony on the Cornell tugboat. 960 1280


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